Apex Stickers Review…

My Thoughts….


Apex stickers are a company that do stickers, they do all different ones, from unicorns to all around the world. Wall, phone, bottle & more stickers.  When I got asked to review a sticker I couldn’t say no. I chose a personalised unicorn for Matilda. When it arrive I showed her What I had got and she bugged me for days to put it up but because it’s quite a big wall sticker I wanted to wait for DaddyOverload to be home, but I ended up doing it myself anyway.

I did have a bit of a problem at first, I followed all the instructions but just couldn’t work out how to unstick it from the backing paper. I got help in the end and when I realised what I needed to do it was pretty easy. On the instructions that came with the sticker it said to apply the sticker with the paper still on to the wall by sticking it up with masking tape but I tired this and I couldn’t do it. The masking tape just kept unsticking and falling off the wall. Matilda just kept laughing and couldn’t help me from laughing so much, in the end, I put it on the floor and did it fine. I had to unstick the unicorn from the backing paper but keep it on the clear paper. Once I did that it was now time to put it on the wall and get it straight.


As you can see Matilda likes wall stickers

At this point Matilda is then shouting mummy’s done it she done everyone, thanks Tild I wanted the whole estate to know I can peel a sticker. We then stuck it on the wall by we I mean Matilda more. I have made a metal note if I do anything like this again I will do it when no-one is home.

You need to leave the sticker on the wall for about half hour before you peel it from the clear paper. My god that was the longest and most annoying half hour of the day, she wouldn’t leave me alone kept asking has it been half hour yet mummy….it had been about 5 minute’s. Finally it was time I have never been so nervous. I just kept singing out loud… ” You gotta have faith, faith, faith” haha but thankfully faith did pay of and it peeled off perfectly… I think its straight not sure when it came to Matilda sticking it so quickly. She is mega happy about this though. Shouted in excitement this has to be the best unicorn ever… bonus points for getting in purple too her favourite colour.


Her little happy face makes my heart melt


Apex Stickers is the place I will be going for all my wall stickers, I cant say enough how awesome this sticker is and how easy it was to put up (once I knew what I was doing haha) My son has his eye on the massive green hulk he has spotted…

So if you are looking for any stickers with amazing results Apex Stickers is the place to go 🙂 Thank you for putting a massive smile on my baby’s face 🙂

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to visit there site

Much Love Liz & Matilda xx

Glossybox May 2019

My Review



Hello 🙂 I’ve had my glossybox since Monday and I thought I would really try this before I reviewed. This months box is great, 5 full size products. in this box there is….

  • Mudmasky – Aftermask Serum 
  • Annabelle Minerals – Rose Mineral Brush 
  • Beauty Kitchen – Natruline Natural Lip Treatment
  • Barry M Cosmetics – Contour Cream Kit 
  • Nail Berry – Love Me Tender Nail Polish 



Mudmasky – I’ve never heard of a aftermask serum, but I love this. I did a face mask and left it on over night as it says that you can leave on during the day or night. I left it on over night and I woke up in the morning and my skin felt great. Its a vitamin serum so it’s really good for your skin. This is a 30ml tube and is currently on their website for £34.19… I would buy this if I had that kind of money to spend on face serum… for now this one will do 🙂

Beauty Kitchen – Natruline lip treatment. I used this once then my daughter stole it. She has bad chapped lips, always does when they weather gets really hot and then changes quickly… doesn’t help she licks them all the time. She has been using this for a few days now. When I say her lips where bad they where bleeding when she spoke bad.. bless her. She came home from school today and I looked at her lips and they look great. Still a little sore but not bleeding. Matilda started using this on Tuesday so it has worked well so far and this has to be the best one we have tired. So 5 stars from a 5year old. This retails at £2.99 and is so worth it. I will be buying this again for Matilda.

Nailberry – Love me tender. Beautiful colour. I don’t really wear nail varnish that much but I liked the colour of this and it looks so much better on. The best thing was that it didn’t feel heavy on my nails, I’m really really funny about nail varnish to the point where it can freak me out haha weird I know.. It has a unique film which allows air and water vaper to pass through and makes sure you cuticles are protected. This retails are £14.50 I will be buying more I think its great 🙂



Annabelle Minerals – nice colour but doesn’t suit me… I have pale skin so look like a clown and plus I’m not very good at blusher think I might have to watch a youtube and try again haha. Rose colour, its good for all skin types and helps heal, soothe and protect your complexion. 100% organic with 4 mineral ingredients that help maintain healthy skin. This retails at £12.50 I think its a good price for a blush. It is a nice texture but I will update you all when I know how to apply blush well haha

Barry M Cosmetics – I’ve never use anything like this before.. but I like this… wasn’t sure how to use at first so behind on this make up stuff lol so I had to go onto glossybox blog and find out what I had to do. It worked and I like it. The blending I could do with some practising but I’m getting better. I recommend this if your stuck for a contour kit go Barry M. This retails at £7.99


I really like this months glossybox. Well done Glossy 🙂  Glossyboxes start from just £8.50 per month (plus p&p) if you sign up to the 12month pay monthly plan you can get an extra 20% off your first box if you sign up using this Link  

That’s all for now 🙂 Thanks for reading…

Much Love Lizxx

May 2019 Birchbox



**I’m Loving this months design. Yellow and pink with butterfly’s. My favourite colour is yellow 🙂 In a Birchbox you get 5 items a month. This months items are:

  • Lord & Berry line/shade eye pencil
  • What’s in it for me?..
  • Beautaniq Beauty Nourishing Mascara
  • Mimitika Face sunscreen SPF 50
  • Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

I got 2 extra items this month for referring a friend last month. Which are

  • Lottie London #Lashgoals Mascara
  • LOC liquid shimmer shadow


Lord & Berry Line/Eye Pencil – Black: I love lord & berry, use there highlighter quite a lot. You got to chose again this month what you would like. If your a full on monthly subscriber then you know what I mean. The option was eyeliner or lip liner. I chose eyeliner as needed a new one and I’m not a massive lip liner girl.

I used this today as got my box before I went out. I love it so much better and darker then my other one just a avon one. Not very good if you ask me. So This is a keeper and I will be buying again…

Lottie London #LASHGOALS Mascara: It has an S shape brush the applies volume to all lashes. I read a few reviews on this before I go this as I was looking to buy anyway. I think its a good mascara, didn’t clump like my other one and looked nice.


Philip Kingsley Elasticizer: This is pre shampoo treatment which works with all hair types I tired this out today. Says on the bottle to apply to wet hair and apply in parts to your hair, put a plastic cap on and leave for 10-20mins…. Great I thought I can leave it in while I do some hinching. Wet my hair, didn’t have time to part my hair in so many ways and apply busy mum life cant be dealing with that….. don’t have a plastic shower cap, thought I use a plastic bag, nope didn’t have one of them either dam bag for life. Just put the hair up… one whole hour later then boy says to me, “are you going to wash your hair?…looks well dirty!!” oh yeah thanks for reminding me and insulting me at the same time #mumlife, over all not bad don’t think I would buy it myself.


Mimitika face sunscreen SPF 50: I have this on today, not that I go out on a sunday or that theres any sun just wanted to see what its like. Smells nice which is always good for face cream don’t really want something that’s smell rank on your face. Doesn’t feel heavy on my face. Hate creams that are heavy and thick. This is an added bonus to as it is sun screen I don’t really wear much make up in the summer cos I just cant be bother to apply it in manky heat. Where I wear glasses my whole face goes like a massive red strawberry then I just have these pale white line from my glasses so this is great. I would more than likely buy a full size when this one runs out.

What’s in it for me?….Shower scrub apparently it gives your body a new lease of life, I hope so turning 30 last week has really done me in haha only joking, but would be amazing if it did that to body. I haven’t used it yet but gave it a smell lol its smells quite nice, says its orange and jasmine flower. Gently scrubs away dull and dead skin…. will let you know what it’s like once I’ve used it.

Beautaniq Beauty Mascara: I haven’t used this one yet as I used the Lottie one. I’ve read that it thickens, lengthen and volumize lashes which is good I don’t have very long lashes but they are not small if you get what I mean and I don’t like to wear false ones, what happens if you don’t stick them on right and they just slip off when you mid conversation. Again will let you know what its like once I have used it.

LOC eyeshadow shimmer : I already have this eyeshadow, got it in a beauty box a few months ago. Its a nice colour and dries really quickly. Gives you a nice bold look and shine and can be layered for a bolder look. It lightweight on your eye lids and has long lasting wear.

So that’s this months box, I like this box. Think its better than last months if I’m honest.

Thanks for reading and if you would like to get this box for only £5 click here

Much Love Lizxx


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How’s Your Week?..



Love My Balloons

Hello 🙂 How’s everyone’s week been? Mines been a bit of a weird one. I become a 30 year old, been really poorly and have quite a few collaboration’s coming up.

Tuesday was my birthday. Was such a wicked good day, DaddyOverload surprised me with some amazing balloons, he’s never really done anything like this before. I’d gone to pick the kids up from school, he was gone when we got home and said he would meet us at the restaurant. I got there and these where on the table, I just laughed. I do that a lot when I’m either nervous or embarrassed. So much fun, I got some amazing gifts. DaddyOverload did well so did my mummy, she got me the most beautiful top I’ve seen in a while, the a beautiful 30 cup.


Had quite a few emails about getting items to review, still waiting for my tryit ones from last month plus I got into a few more from them to, so getting 7 items from them. Few of them is from collaborations, I like doing these and helping follow bloggers or companies out. Got a good few weeks of reviewing a writing coming up 🙂

Finally watched infinity war, been catching up on all marvel superhero collection. It’s sad and really got to me…. if you haven’t seen it you should watch. It’s groot that started me off I love that tree (got some groot stuff for my birthday) so I’m ready to watch endgame and cant wait, but still have black pantha and antman and the wasp.


Rare picture of DaddyOverload

Then yesterday (Thursday) I woke up really poorly, from 6.30am till about 10.30am I was being sick every 15mintues, thankfully I didn’t have to take the kids to school cos they felt just as poorly as me (No sickness thank god) they seem to be feeling better at bedtime and Matilda said she misses school (weird one) think its more her friends. Feeling a lot better today though must have just been one of them 24hrs bug ones.

Got into another mumsnet product test this one is for flora butter, be good to try this out. if you haven’t join this site then you should they do some fab tests. I like to test product out and review them, even the kid love to help so its great when I get stuff for the kids to do. We got a game from Jaques London, Olly & Tild haven’t stop playing with it since I got it Saturday. Its a box on the lid one side is chalk board and another is a white board and comes with picture magnets and chalk. Matilda made Olly play schools and shops haha. Love them to bits.


too true I’m a foodie

That’s all for now thanks for coming by. Don’t forget to comment and let me know if you have had a good week or not.

Much Love Lizxx

A Kiss Goodbye…

Saying Goodbye


Today is my last day of being in my 20’s, I’m sad to see them go!! I’ve had good years and bad years…. I had 2 children, lost my dad, my grandad and my father in-law and moved away from my home town and started in a completely new town where we knew no one. Realised who is always here for me and who isn’t.

balloons calm clouds colorful

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com

I set up my Facebook page which now has over 13000 followers and started with just one which was DaddyOverload only because I made him like the page lol. That will be 5 this year. I set it up in July 2014 not long after I had Matilda. I brought MummyOverload to life and love writing and enjoy doing my blog.

I have met some amazing people over the years and some truly awful people. As a family we have beat addiction, made each other happy and sad but best of all loved each other. I cant really say that I’m happy about turning 30 because no one is really, I will have to get use to saying “Im 30” I forget my age all the time, I once had to ask DaddyOverload my age as I just forgot. Matilda doesn’t let me forget that I’m turning 30, I get “mummy your going to be so old now” cheers babe that makes me feel wonderful….

chocolate cupcake with white and red toppings

Photo by Plush Design Studio on Pexels.com

We went on our first holiday as a family, we went to Brighton last summer and it was great. We are planning a great time away this summer. DaddyOverload has started his driving lessons.

I battled my mental health more then I’ve ever had to, It’s a long story and for another blog post but I got through it. Mostly on my own as I didn’t seek help when I should have done and over the years I’ve learnt that its okay not to be okay. I found out I have Scoliosis which is a curved spine if anyone didn’t know. Apparently I was born with it and went unnoticed till I had my children. Only got told 2 years ago. Just have to learn to live with it.

My 20’s have been such a rollercoaster, but if I didn’t go through all that then I wouldn’t be who I am today. I can’t change the past and I cant live in regret because it all happened for a reason. I’m very sad I lost a few people and I will forever miss them each and everyday and I really do hope my dad is very proud of how far I have come over the past few years.

I really hope that my 30’s are good, I’m hoping when I do a birthday post this time next year before my 31st (cant believe I’ve just wrote that haha) my blog has taken off and I’m more happy then I am now, I’m very happy don’t worry haha.

So here is to my 30’s hope they are more eventful then my 20’s…. Happy Birthday Liz you old fart hahahaha

Much Love Lizxx

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Hello May…



Hello 🙂 just popping by to see how everyone’s week is going. We said goodbye to April and Hello to May. May is a busy month for me, my birthday is at the start of may and Matilda’s is the end of may. In between that I have 2 of my nieces birthdays, also mine and DaddyOverload’s anniversary 12 years this year. I was just 18…. This is my last weekend in my 20’s turning 30 on Tuesday, quite looking forward to it, I have been dreading turning 30 but the closer it gets the more excited I am, I never get excited about my birthday but I’ve asked DaddyOverload for a certain gift and I’m praying that he has got it, only thing I’ve really asked for. If you follow my insta or twitter then you will definitely know if I have got it lol.

I have many reviews coming up over the next few weeks, quite exciting it should fill most of my may up in writing.. I get my monthly glossy box and Birchbox….oh talking of Birchbox they have a mega good deal going on at the moment 2 boxes for £10 so you will get may’s box and a surprise box. Use this link http://link.mummyoverload.blog/2for10 and add code YAY at checkout. You just need to add 1 box to your cart and the code does the rest, be quick though offer ends 9th may.


Collaborated with 2 companies to review there items which I cant wait to get but will keep quite till I get them 🙂 Also have 7 items coming for product testing with Tryit (closed for new members but I will post on social media when it opens, you will need to be quick though as sometimes they close quite quickly.

What’s everyone up to this bank holiday weekend? Doesn’t seem like the weather will be nice, has been raining on/off all day where I live. This time last year it was beaming hot, I remember as my birthday last year fell on bank holiday and we went to my friends house so the kids could play in the pool at hers, I became quite ill I didn’t wear a hat and ended u with sun stroke, then took a pain killer that was way to strong. At the meal I decided to drink wine, well that didn’t go very well I ended up being sick in the pub loo haha felt so much better after that though. This year I doubt I will get sun stroke.

Have my mum coming down tomorrow as she still lives in my home town, I moved away about 2 and a bit years ago now, but that’s story is for another day. I’m looking forward to seeing my mum, I don’t really get to see her that much, with her life back home and with us not driving yet it all a bit difficult but when DaddyOverload passed his driving that will all change, we are hoping he passes in time for the summer holidays and September as we are going to FRIENDSfest , DaddyOverload got me tickets for my birthday.

Think I’ve rambled on for long enough now don’t for get to check out that Birchbox offer. Will also add other offer at the bottom on this blog. Don’t forget to check that out too,

Much Love Lizxx

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April 2019 Freebies…


Hello 🙂 Cant believe April is nearly over and May starts tomorrow. Shocking how quick the year is going so far. I don’t like the start of may this year! I turn 30 next week!!!

So here my round up of freebies this month. Not much as I’ve really been trying to get my blog noticed and getting it out in the world.

This months freebiessss…..


I won a football from the “be the 12th” football game coco-cola was running I think it has finished now. Was really trying to win Olly a football top he has really into football at the moment how long it will last I don’t know . I got 2 free craft boxes, there was a code on o2 app, I thought I would chance getting 2 and it worked. Ended now though but it you are o2 you can download the app. There is some pretty good freebies, offers and comps on there too. The magazine I have no idea, they have finally stopped coming now. Peas where from a link that was shared in a freebie group, they are growing really well I will upload a photo on my social media later. Socks where a free trail from the company you just had to cancel when you got the first ones, they where massive on my feet and then I realised they where men’s so DaddyOverload has them.

First Birchbox For £5

Game was free to review, haven’t had time to play this yet been so busy. Childs farm was gifted to me from the company I have to use it and review probably in the next couple of weeks. Boots testing panel I got sent some soap, its really good soap, don’t think the panel is open to new member at the moment, ive been with them for years now.  I won a competition from a local hairdressers I chose the 4 colour cut and blow dry, I love my hair has been a while since I got my hair done at a salon took over 3 hours. My cool top free from monthly tee I did have to pay £1.99 postage but its so cute has a little baby dead pool sitting in a pocket.

I got some free coffee from Tryit but I didn’t request it, still got it so I gave it to one of my good friends, as she likes coffee and had a machine you needed. I got some paint markers too which are pretty good, you can find out more here Acrylic Paint Pens with Reversible Tip..

Got my comp win from the Disney JR Facebook tea party they have every Tuesday, if you read my freebies last month than you will know what time talking about but ill quickly tell you now. Every Tuesday Disney JR UK have a tea party on there Facebook page, you can win prizes ive been playing nearly every Tuesday for 18months and won twice, you should check it out. I also got some peel off nail varnish from an ad on Instagram. Pretty colour 🙂 and does peel off easy even if your daughter puts it on her face lol…

Mindful monster cards are a product test from mumsnet.com have had time to use them yet but going to sit down with the kids, this week and have a look at them and do the activitys on them. Will write my review up in a few weeks when we have had a really good go at them. Got some dry skin cream from free4you which is another product testing site, they run comps too. Free heart poster from British heart foundation, Olly is happy about, my dad passed away 6 years ago from a heart attack. Olly likes to learn about the heart too think it makes him feel closer to his grandad to be honest as he was only small when he passed. Got some Clarins freebies to but I really cant remember how I applied for these. £40 new look gift card from a complaint I made about I product I brought and it broke twice. I ended up getting 2 tops, some jeans and some belts too. £10 vouchers too from making a compliment about a company’s products.

Had a good day last week with Tryit (currently closed to new members) have 3 new make up products coming, I cant wait to try them. Ones a foundation and coming just in time as my other one is running low. Will update more when I get them and try them out.

That’s all for April 🙂 hope everyone had a good May and a better may 🙂

Much Love Lizxx