Other Sites To Help You 🌟

So many other sites out on the web to help you just didn’t want to put them all on one page as would have been to much to read.

Survey Sites.

All different survey sites out there where you can do surveys and earn points and redeem them into money or gift cards.

Branded Surveys : Answer different surveys for points once you get 1000 points you can cash out using Brand Pay, Paypal or Gift Card sent via email.  Sign up using this link https://bit.ly/2QZJCy3

PopulusLive: Same as most survey sites answer surveys and get rewarded in points the more points you earn the more money you make. You do have to wait for them to email you surveys. They send you a cheque every month and turn your points into cash. Sign up here https://www.populuslive.com

InboxPounds: This one is more than a survey site. Bit like swagbucks I mentioned on the apps tab. You earn Monday by doing surveys, trails etc. Cant cash out till you have got to £20 you can redeem for online gift cards or cheques. Cheques are void after 90 days so will need to bank it before 90 days is up. Sign up using this link https://bit.ly/2W6myRN

Toluna: Answer different surveys to gain points. You get 500 points when you sign up. Rewards start from 10000 points but the more you do the more points you get. Can get all different rewards like Paypal credit, amazon vouchers, Argos, M&S and Starbucks. Sign up using this link https://bit.ly/2U0mrFF

Checkout Code RK10


o2 Priority: This is for o2 customers only. They have different freebies, offers and giveaways. They do quite a few good freebies, I have chocolate, Christmas cards, wrapping paper, books, pen and loads more. Comps are good to I won a £100 KG voucher a few years. Offers like £5 pizza, free coffee, early ticket sales. You can download the app but will need your o2 number or can see online here https://priority.o2.co.uk/

Debenhams Beauty Club: Sign up online and they send you a card in the post. If you shop at Debenhams this is really good as you can get points when you shop on beauty products. You also can get a freebie once a month I think they are usually available last Friday of the month but you should get an email. Sign up here https://www.debenhams.com/content/beauty-club#

Tesco Magazine: Don’t forget Tesco do a magazine in store, you can get coupons you can use in store. they also have some very good ideas on what to cook which are quite helpful. Sometimes there is a few coupons and competitions through out the magazine.

St. Tropez: You can become a tanning tester and try out tanning products for free. Seen quite a few of my freebie friends get picked for some if there trails. Click the link to sign up. Good Luck. https://bit.ly/2Hv6eHa

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