Money Saving Tips 🌟

Saving money cant be difficult sometimes I’ve don’t this page to try and help you save some money with cashback apps, free sites and product testing sites. I hope this can help you and you enjoy reading. Good Luck.


There are quite a few apps that you can download and use to earn rewards and cashback. Here are some I’ve found and use

Receipt Hog – download through Google play or iOS app it’s free fo download. You snap your shopping receipt and earn coins to redeem prizes. Can take a while to earn coins but its food esp if you shop alot. Don’t forget to collect receipts

Shoppix – gives you the ability to earn from those receipts that you will otherwise just throw into the bin. Shoppix uses Tokens as it’s currency. You will receive them for uploading receipts to Shoppix, which is as simple as allowing the app access to you phone’s camera and taking a clear photo of the receipt.

Quidco Click Snap – ClickSnap is designed to reward members with great savings on your everyday retailer grocery shopping, when you buy instore. You can redeem Cashback on purchases made which are specific to the offers we have on site by submitting an instore receipt as a proof of purchase.

GreenJin – Select which coupons you would like. Shop in store or online. Snap receipt. Earn cashback into your PayPal or bank account.

Shopmium – Buy the products in your supermarket. Snap receipt  on the app. Cash back to PayPal or bank.

🌟 Please not you cant use checkoutsmart and clipsnap at the same times as they are both run by quidco and have the same offers 🌟


In this section there will be websites for cashback, product testing and coupons. I will explain how they all work but they are pretty simple.

TopCashBack – Shop online through this site and earn a % on your spend best to search the site just incase they don’t have what your looking for but the do most retailers. You can earn cashback on TV, internet, clothes etc sign up using this link 👉

Quidco – Shop online through this site and earn a % on your spend best to search the site just incase they don’t have what your looking for but the do most retailers. You can earn cashback on TV, internet, clothes etc. There is also 2 options to pick from when signing up you get the free option which is basic account, then there is the £5 per year taken from your cash back you have earned but this option is much better and offers more. sign up using this link 👉

MyPocketMoney – You can get cashback on over 4,500 brands including ASOS, Sainsbury’s, Just Eat & Tesco and they will even give you an extra £5 when you spend £10 this is only for new member’s. They also sometimes do 100% cash back on items. You can save over £300 a year using this site. Sign up using this link 👉

Swagbacks – reward points for doing simple tasks online like searching the web, watching videos and completing surveys. You’ll be ‘paid’ in Swagbucks points (shortened to ‘SBs’) which can then be redeemed for gift cards or cash it’s really fun and I’ve earned loads of gift cards from this. Sign up using this link 👉

Supersavvyme – This is one of my fave websites. There is so much you can do on here, comps, freebies and hints and tips on everyday life. You also get the chance to sign up to savvy circle which is a product testing group I’ve done quite a few on here and love it. Sign up using this link 👉

Caring everyday – Coupon site to print off coupons. Sign up using this link 👉

Product testing sites ;

Philip’s home testing –  Can apply to review all different house hold items but cant apply unless there is a product come up in your test area 👉

The Insiders UK – This is another product testing site from drinks to printers. I’ve done quite a few on here too. Not all are free some you have to pay a deposit like the big electric items. Sign up using this link 👉

Trnd – they offer all different products same again cant apply till there is a test to apply for 👉

Clicks Research – you will test many types of products including cosmetics and toiletries, food and drink, clothing, footwear, household cleaning products and many more besides!👉

Tryit Sampling – Can get all sorts of different items to test. Its closed at the moment for new testers but keep checking back as they do open every so often but not for long.

Noughty Naturalista – Test their own brand. Closed to new people at the moment but keep checking back.

Triyit – Sign up. When they match your profile as you need fill in one so they know what brands etc you like, if you have children, pets, partner etc… they send you a box of brands to try you share your thoughts.

Home Tester Club – Have all different test. Don’t email you so will just need to keep checking back every now and again.

That’s all I have for now lol. Will update when I find more. Hope this has helped you and please follow me. You can just use your email address and then you wont miss anything 💜💜

Few other sites that I have found that can help you 🙂

Other Sites To Help You 🌟

Few guides I wrote up in my blog to help you too 🙂

Freebie Hunting Tips…

Product Testing UK

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