Me My Self & The Rest ðŸŒŸ



Hello 🙂 Welcome to the section where you get to know all about me and my crazy little family 🙂 

There is 4 for us Mummy, Daddy, Son & Daughter. Mummy is Liz , Daddy is Kev, Son is Olly & Daughter is Matilda. 


Olly is 7 and Matilda is 4, best crazy kids I could have asked for. They make me, me!! As much as they can annoy the life out of me most of the time I wouldn’t change them. They are just awesome. Olly is the kid that always wears his heart on his sleeve and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Matilda is the feisty mother hen of the family, you sneeze she there to see if your ok! Other half is the chilled out yeah whatever kind of guy. Me I’m the anxious anne of the family, I like to worry about things that don’t need worrying about and forget everything!! That’s a little bit about us. 


 You will learn more about us as you read my blog. Take a look around there is loads to read. if you just here for a read then perfect want to save some money perfect check out my tabs for all of that and don’t forget to follow me and check out my social media platforms and give me a follow on there too so you don’t miss a single thing 🙂 

Thanks for reading Lizxx


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