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Wash Your Whites, Like A Boss…

Ace For Whites Who doesn't like white whites? I love my whites look freshly white not dim and grey. Well that's where ACE comes in!!!! Ace for white is great, no more dull whites with ace! I notice after getting this product that my whites weren't as white as I though they where looking a… Continue reading Wash Your Whites, Like A Boss…


Foodie Blog – Ye Olde Oak Hot Dogs

Hello, hope your all well. Hope everyone is keeping safe and your all well. We where kindly sent some hotdogs to try out and make some food with them. The children love hotdogs so when we got offered the chance to try these we couldn't say no. Here is what we all had fun doing.… Continue reading Foodie Blog – Ye Olde Oak Hot Dogs


Not sleeping in Lockdown

Anyone else struggling to sleep while in lock down? its currently 12.55pm and I'm still awake. The kids will be up before I know it they now go into the living room and watch tv when they wake up, and yes my oldest is older enough to do that before any trolls jump on me… Continue reading Not sleeping in Lockdown


It’s Been A Long Time…

A good few months if you ask me. I've been busy setting up my own business, I started just before all the Covid-19 and lockdown happened. Its going slow but its going good. Will get back to that later. How are we all??… are you doing ok in lockdown? We are doing ok starting to… Continue reading It’s Been A Long Time…


Food Season Review

Home Made Garlic & Herb Meats Balls I have been asked by Schwartz to review there garlic granules so I though I would make garlic and herb home made meat balls which I was serve with pasta (serves 4) Ingredients 500g Fresh Mince Meat 1 Medium Egg 400g Pasta Sauce Spaghetti Pasta Teaspoon of Garlic… Continue reading Food Season Review


Never Let Anyone Make You Feel Worthless

I remember writing this and with everything that has gone on please remember that you are loved

Mummy Overload

Today hasn’t been a very good day for me. One of them days where you wish you didn’t even get up!! my point of this blog is never let anyone make you feel worthless or guilty of the way you want to live your life. Never let anyone make you feel small, bad, ugly or anything. Everyone has the right to live their own life they way they see fit.

I had someone make me feel so bad about myself and a failure as a mother, women and a human being. If it wasn’t for my husband, mum, children and a very close friend I wouldn’t have got through today on my own. This person was horrible to me told me how they thought it was right for me to live my life. They had never met me before today and had only spoken to me for about 5 minutes…

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Little Bit Of Everything This Week

So windy outside today just got over the storm last weekend that kept me up half the time to storm Dennis has come now. The tree outside my window is going crazy outside and I can hear everyone's bins rolling around, well I say everyone's I think it just my ones. The tree that feel… Continue reading Little Bit Of Everything This Week


Goodbye January 2020

Oh how happy I am to see the back of that month. What an awful month and time of year, felt like it just wouldn't end did it. Thankfully its over that long awaited month that felt like an entire year. I realised that I didn't really blog much in January was a bit of… Continue reading Goodbye January 2020


Glossybox UK January 2020

Sleeps & Refresh The first Glossybox of 2020 and the theme is sleep & Refresh. I think it's an OK box but not to my likeing to be honest. There is 5 full size products and a treat, here is what is in this months box BYBI - Strawberry booster  BASIC BEAUTY - Tweezers  MODELCO … Continue reading Glossybox UK January 2020


My Week In A Blog Post…

Hello, how are we all? Sorry I've been quite lately had a lot going on with the kids going back to school, redecorating our living room and I've been a little poorly too. I'm sitting here in my Christmas jumper, yes I said Christmas because I thought it was a good idea to wash all… Continue reading My Week In A Blog Post…