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Wash Your Whites, Like A Boss…

Ace For Whites

Who doesn’t like white whites? I love my whites look freshly white not dim and grey. Well that’s where ACE comes in!!!!

Ace for white is great, no more dull whites with ace! I notice after getting this product that my whites weren’t as white as I though they where looking a little dim. I’ve tired loads of different products to try and get my white’s white but nothing seem to work before…Then I got ACE. I did my first loud of washing quite quick. We have dressing gown that its like a towel one, I thought it was white but then I washed it with ace and wow it was very white.

I started looking for all the plain white’s I could fine. When using ace you need to just use it on plain white items as it contains bleach (don’t forget to keep it away from tiny hands) I managed to find nearly a whole loud. Took me a while as the children dont wear white to school so I couldn’t try them. I managed to get 4 tops, 4 disg cloths a few socks and a towel. That do. I put them in the washing machine with my pod. The ace goes into the same part you put your powder or liquid in. I put what I thought was enough and put the machine on.

Pile of dim off whites.

One of the tops I found had hair dye all over it, its the ones I use to get rid of my greys, shame there isn’t anything like ace for your hair lol. I forgot to take a picture which I now regret because I was so excited to get the load of washing on. I washed my loud on a 30 as i always do, was a little worried that it wouldn’t work but I had nothing to worry about. Half way through the was I went and had a peak in the machine to see if I could see the difference yet. Oh boy, I’m so glad I did! I could see how white they already looked. After the loud was finished I took a picture of it still in the machine as I could see how white they look. M came in as she always does the have a little nosey to see what mummy is doing even she was like WOW mummy like look so white. You washed them like a boss!! I love her she is brilliant with what she comes out with. So i used her saying. Oh before I forget the hair dye stains had all gone to so it ACE for stains (no pun intended)

Washed Them Like A Boss!!

After i did that loud i needed to find something else to wash i got the i need my white’s white bug. Then something popped into my head!! M’s P.E trainers!! They are full white could it really work on trainers?? I gave it a try because it didnt matter if they went wrong she can just were her others for P.E…. Well it didnt go wrong at all it went the other way and they look brand new!!


As you can see from the photo they where off white and the laces where dirty . Never bothered me before as they are just for school. Keep reading to see how amazing they look.

Find your sunglasses!!!

Look how white they are eeeekkkk M was so happy about with them. Shouting at O look look at my shoes they are so white, but he didnt really care was to busy playing minecraft.

If you havent tried ace then you need to its amazing and i will keep buying it so my whites stay white. You can buy them at most retailers and on the Ace website. I really hope you all go and try this because its AMAZING!!


Much Love Lizxx

(This post is an entry for the #ACEit challenge , sponsored by ACE. Get ideas on how to wash whites , treat stain sand laundry like a boss with tips from the ACE site!)

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