Foodie Blog – Ye Olde Oak Hot Dogs

Hello, hope your all well. Hope everyone is keeping safe and your all well.

We where kindly sent some hotdogs to try out and make some food with them. The children love hotdogs so when we got offered the chance to try these we couldn’t say no. Here is what we all had fun doing.

The hot dogs that we got where Ye Olde Oak which taste really nice we where sent 3 560g tins they are

  • ¬†premium hot dogs to eat (ready to eat in 60 seconds)
  • American hot Dogs x 2

We had loads of fun making food from these. Our first was just normal hot dogs. We don’t have a microwave so we cooked them on the hob which takes 5 minutes on a gentle heat. For these all you need is,

  • ¬†Ye Olde Oak American hot dogs
  • ¬†Hot dog finger buns
  • Tomato Sauce
  • ¬†Half an Onion

We lightly fired some onion for our hot dogs and mixed them with raw onion, put some onion at the bottom of the lightly toasted hot dog bun put some sauce in put the hotdog on top along with more sauce and some more onion then enjoy.

The second tin we used we made a nice snack with them. Cut up hot dogs and pasta. There is 2 ways you can do this snack so I will tell you both.

  • ¬†Premium hotdogs
  • ¬†350g of twisted pasts
  • ¬†Grated Cheese

First boil your water for your pasta. While you are waiting for your water to heat up put your hotdogs on a low heat and slowly cook them you need these to be cooked before the pasta. We use the cook quick pasta which only takes 5 minute’s but if you are using normal pasta usually takes around 12mintues then you can put your hotdogs on when you put your pasta in. Once the hotdogs are cooked you need to cut them up into little bits of hotdogs. Once the pasta is cooked you then just mix it all up and then added the grated cheese on top.

The other one we do as well is get the spaghetti pasta cut the hot dogs up before you cook them and poke the raw spaghetti through the middle of the hotdog part. You can usually get 3 bits of spaghetti in a hotdog. Cook it all like you would do the pasta and then again put the cheese on top for that extra kick.

we haven’t used the 3rd tin yet had such a manic few weeks with what everyone has been going through. Will update this once we have used it.

That’s all for now take care & stay safe