Not sleeping in Lockdown

Anyone else struggling to sleep while in lock down? its currently 12.55pm and I’m still awake. The kids will be up before I know it they now go into the living room and watch tv when they wake up, and yes my oldest is older enough to do that before any trolls jump on me and we live in a flat so I can hear them anyway.

Anyway back to not sleeping so I can be really tired and I will say to the other half at 11pm I’m so tired I’m off to bed but yet 1am comes around and I’m still wide awake. Doesn’t matter what I sing in my head or how many sheep I count nothing seems to work I do eventually fall to sleep thought but its not one of them I feel so much better sleeps its more like I feel like I’ve been asleep for 10 minute’s kind of sleeps. I don’t feel so tired during the day because the kids are home and we are doing stuff its when they go to bed and I have my own work to do.

I don’t know if it’s the stress of lock down and the covid-19 because I’m missing my family loads. If you don’t know they live in my home town about 45min drive from here. Know that I can travel to see them when I want and I cant doesn’t help. The kids are sometimes having their down days too M is really missing her friends so is O I try my hardest to keep them happy but some days that just doesn’t work, as a parent we all try to do our best don’t week but I think sometimes I forget how much they as kids are struggling to. Not being able to see their friends, go to school etc.

Its M birthday this month, she was meant to be having her first ever birthday party in 2 weeks but we had to cancel it to god knows when. She will be 6 so I wanted to make it extra good, I feel bad because we haven’t got her much. With me trying to keep my business going and the other half being off work, things are pretty tight as we all know. Then some s*** head decided it would be a good idea to steal the mirror of the wing mirror off the OH car at the weekend so that was more money we needed to spend that no one really has at this time of life. Then there is the new neighbour that lives below us well what can I say about them….. a lot really but I’m not really going to go there with them on here.

So yeah writing it all down no wonder I’m not sleeping well like I said is anyone? Feel a little better now I have wrote it all down and waffled on a lot, not that anyone will read this but you never know.

I will leave the comments on in case anyone wants to chat. Really hope you are all well and doing ok. Stay Home. Stay safe. Keep everyone safe and hopefully we will be out of this soon.

Much Love Liz xx

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