It’s Been A Long Time…

A good few months if you ask me. I’ve been busy setting up my own business, I started just before all the Covid-19 and lockdown happened. Its going slow but its going good. Will get back to that later.

How are we all??… are you doing ok in lockdown? We are doing ok starting to struggle mentally to be honest. Really missing my mum loads, know we are travel down to hers when we like I find I miss her twice as much. I cant wait till we can all go out and travel again so I can go and see her. Oh yeah I haven’t said DaddyOverload passed his driving test at the start of March so is now on the road well when he needs to go shopping anyway. He passed just in time as about 2 weeks later we went into lockdown.

Home schooling is quite hard I can have very stubborn children sometimes. To be honest we have done quite a lot thinking about it and we have had fun doing it. I want my children to look back and remember this time at home as being fun and not scary. They must be struggling as much as we are not going to school everyday, not seeing there friends everyday. They cant go out to the park when we want and they just cant be kids like they are used to. I miss doing the school walk lol and being on my own never am I ever going to take that for granted again.

As you can tell I’ve had a couple of months time out with the blog. I really sat down and thought about if I wanted to keep doing this, I have chose to keep going I don’t think I will post as much as with the kids being home, trying to sort out TildaBows (that’s my little business) but I will still be here writing and waffling on haha. I will do a post soon about my business so keep an eye out.

Thanks all for now.

Take Care. Stay Safe. Stay Home. Saves Lives.

Much Love Lizxx