Little Bit Of Everything This Week

So windy outside today just got over the storm last weekend that kept me up half the time to storm Dennis has come now. The tree outside my window is going crazy outside and I can hear everyone’s bins rolling around, well I say everyone’s I think it just my ones. The tree that feel down last weekend in the storm is still rolling around outside because no one can be bothered to pick it up. I would but I think that all hell would break lose. I don’t think my neighbours like us much. Apparently I’m to honest, I can be but what’s the point in beating around the bush. My neighbour down stairs dislikes us I think but they are so annoying. Anyway enough about them. How has everyone been? Seems to long since I have wrote anything on here. Sorry about that life just gets away from you sometimes.

We got a new bed last week and I now spend most of my free time laying on my bed that’s is where I am now kids are doing their own thing around the place. DaddyOverload is laying on the bed with me, have no idea what he is doing mumbling to himself about football I think I just heard “half 5 kick off” I don’t know don’t really enjoy football but I don’t mind it being on either, mean I can just do what I think while its on TV. Anyway back to my bed its lush we went quite a while without a bedframe and with my back was getting to the point where I needed one. Ended up ordering a king size bed its quite big never had a king before its fun lol. The storage underneath is amazing too and so helpful, there is loads of room and stuff under there now.

Half term this week yay and nay, yay because I don’t have to hear my very annoying alarm till the 25th which is lush and I wont have to walk in this horrible weather but nay because I’m dreading it that they will just moan and argue with each other all week . I have a few plans so I’m hoping that it wont happen.

Sorry back now I had to do the kids dinner, sort them out for bed then I ate my dinner, watching some old silent witness and then though oh bugger I haven’t finished my blog and if I don’t do it I will be at it all week. In this mist of all this I saw what happened to poor Caroline flack, mental health is a silent killer and I don’t think it helped what had happened over the last few months have helped her poor girl. I hope she finds some peace now. R.I.P beautiful lady.

The kids came out from school with bright orange bands on sayingΒ  on yesterday. We have just sat an explained what mental health is and everyone is different with it but it’s OK not to be ok. We always said that it’s OK to speak to people about how you are feeling and that they can come to us with anything.
We also told them that we both suffer from mental health but not everything is visible and only because you look OK doesn’t mean that you are. Some people pretend to be happy.
I also explained that I had a anxiety attack today in Tesco and I was scared even though I was with daddy. I got to hot it was way to busy and DaddyOverload was taking too long picking out bread πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sounds silly and I can laugh now but I felt like I couldn’t breath and someone was hitting me with a hammer, my hands went sweaty and I felt sick. Thought my heart was going to jump out my chest.
It’s OK not to be ok and to speak out about it. If anyone needs to speak to anyone then my messages are always open on Instagram Facebook and you can always email me on

Hope everyone is ok and remember its always good to talk to people. You can be anything in this world always be KIND!!

Much Love Lizxx