Goodbye January 2020

Oh how happy I am to see the back of that month. What an awful month and time of year, felt like it just wouldn’t end did it. Thankfully its over that long awaited month that felt like an entire year. I realised that I didn’t really blog much in January was a bit of a rubbish month for me, January blues kicked in and DaddyOverload went back to work and the kids went back to school. I was ready for them all to go back and for us to get back to normal after Christmas and new year but I don’t think I thought it would hit me as much as it did. I don’t like being on my own with my aniexity I feel on edge all day long, my heart beats like it’s going to pop out of my chest, I cant breath, my hnds start to sweat and I either cry or I get angry and shout at everyone. Drives me crazy to the point I cry because I’m crying then I get down because I don’t know how to stop the feeling, then there is the I hate myself part which I hit Saturday but I’m feeling OK today which is great and I ordered some new clothes lol.

Quite month comp and freebie wise as it usually is in January but I haven’t really done much as I haven’t been in the right mind set but now I feeling a little better hopefully that will change. Have won a few comps and I’ve received some freebies. I got a really good offer from tryit for some sure products still yet to get them as they have been delayied but you got to chose 3 products which is good, I also got some zendium tooth paste from tryit as well wouldn’t go out my way to buy it myself as I didn’t like the taste of it I’m so weird when it comes to tooth paste lol. Got a lovely freebie from Baylis & Harding was a slipper gift set which is lovely, slippers are so comfy and warm.

Collage 2020-02-03 13_46_21

Another offer from Tryit was Essie nail varnish got a lovely pink colour which Matilda is in love with, I love that she loves all things pretty and she is turning into a right little girl now. Got a nice grey colour too. Got a lovely goodie bag from TalkToMumsUK I have joined there mum tribe and they where looking for people to do a post about money saving I ended up getting picked for what I sent off to them and they sent me a goodie bag as a thank you. You can view my post here. TalkToMums did a comp on instagram for selfcare sunday you had to post a picture of what you like to do on a sunday to take care of yourself, I posted a picture saying that I love to read a book or cath up on Netflix with a good face mask, cuppa tea and some chocolates locked away in my room. I was lucky enough to win a lovely 20 voucher for amazon. Also won another comp on Instagram 58 rolls of toilet roll haha from HelloMrsToiletRoll saves us some money which is good and you can never go wrong with toilet roll. I won a competition with SuperSavvyMe which is a winter shave bundle but I’m still waiting for my prize but I will upload to my Instagram once I have got it some don’t forget to follow me 🙂


Matilda became a rep for a lovely small business on Instagram called WoolieButton she makes the most amazing bows, bobbles, birthday badges, crowns etc. Over the past few months Matilda has become obsessed with bows her collection is now growing nicely. You also get a discount by using Matilda code at checkout which TILDA10 here is the link to the website. They also do a sub box which is called MamamMail for us mama’s which is only £20 but you don’t have to subscribe like you do other boxes. You can get your box 10% off your box with code BOO10Don’t worry though there is also a PapaPost for the daddies too, just use BOO10 for your discount all can be brought at the website for the bow that’s above. I got my first MamaMail box last month and I love it. All different items and I couldn’t resist getting another box this month but Shhhhh I have a sneak peak for this months which is Beanies Coffee UK is in this months with there amazing coffee.


That’s all for Jan like I said not much happened but I’m hoping for a good month this month.

Much Love Liz xx



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