Glossybox UK January 2020

Sleeps & Refresh


The first Glossybox of 2020 and the theme is sleep & Refresh. I think it’s an OK box but not to my likeing to be honest. There is 5 full size products and a treat, here is what is in this months box

  • BYBI – Strawberry booster 
  • BASIC BEAUTY – Tweezers 
  • MODELCO  – Clear Brow Gel 
  • BEAUTYPRO – CBD Oil Infused Mask 
  • NAOBAY – Detox Illuminating Micellar Water 
  • Nakd Bar – Blueberry Muffin 

BYBI – Strawberry Booster 

This sustainable 100% cold pressed strawberry seed oil is the secret to a softer and brighter complexion. It’s rich in antioxidants, omega 3 and 6. It’s the perfect way of soothing, nourishing and hydrating the skin. The good thing about this is that it isn’t olily at all. I always think that products like this will be but its so smooth and makes my skin feel fresh. This was a full size item.

Basic Beauty – Tweezers 

Having good eyebrows is always a must, these tweezers are boasting with a classic slant tip, they allow you to easily grab and pluck small hairs to achieve your stunning look and get your desired shape. I’m really fussy about what tweezers I use and they have to be perfect ive had the same ones for ever and they no longer sell them haha so I was excited to see what these ones where like I must say I’m pretty happy with them.

ModelCo – Clear Brow Gel

Wild eyebrows are not good so this clear brow gel is perfect for them. You can use this in many different ways, can use to keep your hairs in place for that clean polished look and you can apply over eyebrow pencil or powder to set the colour. It has a light weight formula that will keep your brows looking fabulous for longer.

BeautyPro – CBD Oil Infused Mask

This mask is biodegradable bamboo mask infused with anti-inflammatory cannabidiol. It helps restores, clam and soothe your complexion while it evens out your skin tone and reducing blemishes all at the same time. All you need to do it apply it to your face sit back and relax for about 15 to 20 mintues.

NOBAY – Detox illuminating micellar water

This has to be my favourite item from the box, its formulated with protecting green tea and raspberry, toning lemon, soothing sage and hydrating aloe vera. It removes make-up while also caring for your skin. Ive been using this since I got it and my skin feel amazing I will be buying this again.

There was also a treat in the box which was a nakd bar I got blueberry muffin these are for me I didnt like it but everyone is different. This box has now sold out now but you can join for feburary box which im excited about as its valentines month, so im hoping that its amazing…. here is the link to join now and get 20% off

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