My Week In A Blog Post…

Hello, how are we all? Sorry I’ve been quite lately had a lot going on with the kids going back to school, redecorating our living room and I’ve been a little poorly too. I’m sitting here in my Christmas jumper, yes I said Christmas because I thought it was a good idea to wash all my lazy cardigans and jumpers I wear including my dressing gown. I’m clever you see and forgot how cold my bedroom can be in this weather but the whole moral for me telling you that is that I think I’ve lost my chocolate I was eating or I’ve forgotten that I’ve eaten it either way I’m sad about it but then quite worried in case I’m sitting on it in my bed with a white sheet, could look like…. yeah well you know….. Annnnnywaaaaay

Olly & Matilda were so excited to be going back to school as was I lol, don’t get me wrong it was nice to have them home we had a lovely time with them but it just got to the point where their bickering was starting to get annoying to the point where I felt like rocking in the corner sing something. They are my world, my life and my best friends but by god are they annoying. I don’t think I could be me without them but when your trying to tell the you off inside them it becomes really hard, esp. when they have done something extremely funny but also quite naughty and your trying not to laugh at the same time your trying to get tell them off. Its hard being a adult let alone a parent haha but I some what enjoy there tiny little faces smirking back at me. School is going good so far a week in and we have had only one strop woo we are winning well to the strop any way. Was Matilda if anyone was wondering she was refusing to get ready for bed and even go to bed all because she couldn’t put her PJ’s on in the living as Olly was ( he doesn’t like to get changed in the same room as his sister which I think is really sweet) so all hell broke lose I tired to help but she scream no about a millions times are me, threw herself on the floor and kicked me a few times. In the end my leg went dead so I gave up. She finally gave in about 45mins later put her nightie on and went to bed. People always think that she is the angle of the family and butter wouldn’t melt, WRONG! she can be a bit of a nightmare sometimes but I love her more than melting better.

I said we redecorated the living room this week, I meant DaddyOverload did, I cant decorate to save my life I did up cycle my mirror though which I was very impressed with myself even if I got more paint on myself and I stepped in the paint. Our living room was simple colours as when we moved in we needed to paint every room because I was so bad so we chose magnolia the most ugliest colour in the world. We got given some brown curtains from the mother in law they where fine couldn’t complain they where free and we didnt have any but over the 2 years we have been here they started to get really ugly more I looked at them the more I hated them thank god DaddyOverload agreed. Then there was the fake fire place thing which was the worst thing about the whole flat that has now gone and it happily sitting outside. So we have gone for grey 2 walls are frog tapped and done in a dark grey and light grey with 2 solid white lines then other 2 walls are wallpapered with grey brick wallpaper its very nice. We have beautiful curtains now too everything matches its great I don’t think we have had anything that matched in our living rooms in the whole 12 years we have lived together first time for everything I guess. I love my living room now and I’m very proud of DaddyOverload I do love him very muchly.

So he goes back to work this week after having some time off and I’m really sad about it, was so nice having him home and not being on my own. He was telling the kids that he goes back on Tuesday and that he is on lates so wont be home when they get home from school, I got really upset and had a little cry on my own as you do. The reason I got upset about it was that I’m very anxious about him going back and being on my own again scare me so much that I made myself ill over it worse then I have done in a long time. I suffer from migraines quite a lot used to get them all the time when I was small (Olly suffers too) I have learnt when I am going to get them but I didnt have any clue I went to bed with a headache woke up at 2am with the biggest bagging migraine ever I was so ill with it was sick around 7 time, just so ill with it but I’m fine today still felt a little hungover this morning but fine now.

That was last week, this week I have nothing planned at all apart from getting used to being on my own again but ill be fine.

Much Love Lizxx


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