Goodbye 10’s Hello 20’s

Cant believe it’s the end of a decade, feels so weird saying that. When the kids broke up from school a few of the mums and me where saying this is the last school run of the decade but that was like 10 days ago didnt really sink in then but now sitting here it feels unreal that its true.

A lot has happened in 10 years I’ve lost quite a few people in my life but then I’ve given birth to two amazing little humans and I wouldn’t change them for the world. DaddyOverload and I have gone through a lot in 10 years too we have over come things that I never thought was possible had so many fun time but also few low times. We both lost our dads within 9months of each other and had Matilda in them 9months to in which was very difficult my dad passed away in September 2013 and my father in law passed away in may 2014 same month Matilda was born but we came out the other end. We had Olly in 2011 that was when we started our beautiful family had no idea what the hell we were doing but hes just turnt 8 so we did something right lol.

We have lost a few friends in this decade but also made some friends for like too. Family members have left our life and have missed out on so much of Olly & Matilda but then its there choice if they don’t want to be their lifes which is really sad but then Matilda & Olly have no idea that these people are missing from their lifes because they were so small they don’t remember. We have connected with family memebers that we haven’t seen for a good few years and built bridges with others which is great.

We moved away from out home town that I never thought that we would do started from nothing and re built our life all over again and to be honest we have never been happier best thing we could have ever done. I wouldn’t change anything about the past maybe not lose our dads wish that could have been different but maybe that’s just what is meant to happen.

I did the 10 year challenge the other day to see how much I have changed in 10 years and wow I have changed loads so I did it from 2009 to 2019 I was 20 in 2009 now I was so skinny lol this was before babies I didnt have Olly till 2011 was at my sisters wedding the 2019 was 10 years later to the date at my sister 10 year wedding anniversary I’ve put on some weight but that’s what going to happen but looking at the photos people will probably think ive got fat but to be honest I don’t really care anymore I’m happy with the way I am.

My blog is a year old in a few weeks cant believe I’ve been doing this a whole year its gone so fast. Hopefully this year I will write more as I love to write but sometimes I feel like I can go on a bit lol but that’s just me, sometimes I feel like I write better than I talk I love to talk don’t get me wrong I just mean I feel its easier to write.

That’s all from me today I have a lot coming up in the next few weeks so keep an eye on your inbox (if you follow my blog if you don’t then what are you waiting for haha)

Much Love Lizxx