Christmas, Birthdays & New Year 2019



Wow what a Christmas,  to be honest it didnt feel like Christmas we were all pretty ill, I was full of cold, Matilda had a sick bug, Olly had a horrible cough and DaddyOverload was really poorly to had no idea what was wrong with him but he was poorly. He very rarely get ill and I think this made up for it a years illness in one hit, Christmas day he was a little better which was good as he was the cook.


Kids where up at 6am I could hear them trying to whisper (they cant for the life of them haha) I was already awake, feeling so poorly I was awake at half 4 was one of them sleeps when I was waking up every 2 hrs. We had manage to get everything done before 10pm Christmas thank god we had started wrapping the gifts a week before otherwise we would have been up to stupid o’clock wrapping them. We did sack first they come into our room and sit on the bed, I rememeber doing this with my mum when I was younger so I love doing it with mine and I will keep it going as long as I can.


Matilda was so excited this year really got in all the Christmas magic never seen her so excited. It was so great seeing her like that, I hope she believes for a very long time. We went into the living room after they opened their sacks to see if Santa had left any presents under the tree. That he did! It was a really good day even though we where half ill, was fun seeing them opening there presents, playing with the toys they got and just seeing everyone happy was amazing.

I didnt ask for much this year as DaddyOverload got me my beloved Doc’s I wear everyday haha, so I just asked for slippers which have broken and I’m waiting to hear back about them and some Grinch PJ’s too. I love Christmas but I also the Grinch, the 2018 movie is one of my fav movies I think he is really cute haha so when I saw how much he got me I was like what could he have got me. He got me some bath stuff, some Sir David Attenborough books I love him I think he is amazing I must have watched all his programs too. 2 sets of Grinch PJ’s and a Grinch teddy I screamed when I opened him couldn’t believe it haha.


Boxing day we didnt go anything just stayed in our PJ’s all day and played with the new toys that they had got plus I was so poorly by this point and was in pain killers most of the day just so I could be there for Olly & Matilda and see them have fun. Yesterday my mum came up which I was so happy about as we haven’t seen her since friends fest in September. The kids where so happy to see Nanny Pat they wouldn’t stop asking when she was coming. She brought some presents with her which was lovely and we gave her Christmas present. She brought me a hot water bottle as with my scoliosis I’m always in pain and she said this will help a little I love it. She also gave us some lovely photos that we had done at my sisters wedding renewal in august. We haven’t had a nice family photo done for a while or even ever and we have a nice one with just me & DaddyOverload.


Yesterday was DaddyOverload’s & Olly’s birthday, I cant believe Olly is now 8 feels so weird saying I have an 8 year old and it makes me feel old. I’m only 30 but still only feels like yesterday that he was the little dink of a baby. We have nothing planned for new year we don’t go out as I don’t like leaving the kids that much and we both aren’t massive drinkers so we just stay in and watch Jools’ Annual Hootenanny have done since we have been together which is 13 years next year.


Hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and you all have the best 2020 you could ask for. My 1 year blogging anniversary is in January which is so fun 🙂

Happy New Year Everyone

Much Love Lizxx

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