How am I going to survive Christmas?!!

I’m really looking forward to Christmas but at the moment I just cant seem to get in the festive mood something always puts a bit lump of crap on my day lol its just 2 weeks away now this time in 2 weeks I’ll probably be crashed out on the living room floor over run by toys as most of you probably will too lol. Today has just been one of them days where you just want to scream at everyone and everything. I’m currently sitting in my bedroom writing this as I’m so bloody grumpy and in my own little world I think I might lose my shit at DaddyOverload which has all most happened twice since I’ve been home from the school run.

Everything was running good today had done my cleaning in the morning caught up on my programs, done a few insta posts spoken to my mum as she is poorly and everything was going great till I went to leave to get the kids from school… Started raining. Pissing down should I say someone was washing there car and motorbike in the pissing down hammering rain what the actual I though as I slowly walk past them with the massive arse umbrella I have well its my friends but it can fit all 3 of us under when Matilda feel like sharing lol. Anyway I was ok then the kids came out. On the way home I had managed to tell Olly off 3 times, Matilda cried for about 10minutes like someone was killing her, managed to get my hair caught somehow in the umbrella and my stupid dam card got declined in the shop that was full of people. The walk of humiliation was great. Only wanted tats and veg stupid bank.

So with the card being declined I was fuming I had money in there had taken 5 days to get my money from PayPal, apparently I needed to confirmed that I am who I say I am well that took me forever so I managed to get it back yesterday only for PayPal to take most of it back off me today for some stupid fucking reason. Ive managed to sort it out in the end. Please note all this happened within half an hour…Not one whole day….Half a bloody hour… I just wanted to go to bed when I got home. Well then I couldn’t find DaddyOverload’s bank card as apparently I had to last…Bollocks to that I didnt guess where it was?!! in his coat pocket… Idiot.

Then I stressed cooked, I don’t usually stress cook and I didnt want to cook but I had promised Matilda that I would do have favourite meal.. Sausages Mash Veg & Gravy. I must say that was the best dam meal I had, had in a while Sunday’s dinner was.. well lets say it was eatable… just!!

Usually to de stress I sort out and its usually the kids room but by the time I get to this stage it was bedtime for them so I couldn’t tomorrow I will do that I thought to myself but I doubt I will lol. I started doing my room now I hate my room at the moment we boxes everywhere filled with Christmas present for the kids and family there is 3 massive cardboard boxes, a hoover box and storage box and I cant even hang my clothes in my wardrobe because there is stuff in there. Matilda cant fit anything under her bed because there is DaddyOverload’s Christmas and birthday stuff under there. Please do bare in mind not all the presents in my bedroom is Christmas. DaddyOverload’s and Olly’s birthday’s are on the 29th December too so its a little mixed. Cant wait till its all over and I get my room back lol.

Then there is the kids, I don’t know if I will last the Christmas school holiday with them I think I will lose my mind. The bickering is so annoying if they aren’t doing that then they are fighting. Matilda is quite strong for her age and seems to pin Olly down bless him. I just don’t know what to do with them at the moment. Olly keeps snitching on Matilda its like an endless battle that it so tiring. In the end I said today I don’t care I don’t care about anything I was so sick of it all. Plus their dad is home but do they ever ask their one million questions to him nope!! Mummy Mummy Mummy. Oh I do love them to bits but my god they know how to annoy me haha.

please help me survive the Christmas school holiday… Any tips welcome lol.

Merry Christmas you lovely people.


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