Just a Catch Up!!.. How are you?

Helloooo, Happy December. Ive been quite lately there has been a lot going on at home and school with it coming up to Christmas, school goes a little crazy with nativity plays and carol concerts. Then there’s parents evening all in one week.

Matilda had her Nativity today, she played a Shepard her singing was great, she was doing all the actions at the right time danced at the right time. We are very proud of her, it’s her last year doing nativity they only do it in reception and year 1 then year 2 upwards its a carol concert which we are going to tomorrow to watch Olly but because its the most the years in one show you have to stay for all of it, which I heard some of the parents weren’t very happy about. There are 3 shows for the carol concert but Olly’s only doing 2 because the 3rd one is quite late at night and Olly doesn’t want to go. Which is understandable, he finishes school at 3.15 then has to be back for 6.15pm by then he had his dinner and is quite tired and he wont walk in the dark either.

They break from school soon for Christmas which is great, they are both really excited for Christmas cant seem to work out if they are more excited for presents or all the Christmas food. They get excited every morning to open their advents too. Talking about advents how is everyone getting along with there advent comps? I have been entering but haven’t one an advent, I have won a comp though through Emma’s diary on Instagram. Was £100 love2shop card, you had to say on your story how much you love them and how they have helped you. I wrote about then I had Olly and when he became poorly and we thought we was going to lose him their support network was amazing.

I haven’t seen many of my comping buddies win any advents either this year I don’t know if they have and aren’t sharing them or its just been really quite. I haven’t notice many companies advertising there winners either it usually says that they will DM the winners maybe that why I haven’t seen much. I do have 2 comps running though if you would like to enter them. One is on Instagram you can enter here this is for a beauty bundle and one is one my Facebook you can enter here this one is for a frozen water bottle.

Have you got your Christmas Dec’s up yet?… we had ours up a few weeks now I like to put them up early its meant to make you more happier lol think its been working plus we take the tree down on the 27th/28th with it being DaddyOverload and Olly’s birthday’s on the 29th I don’t like them to think it’s all about Christmas so I replace with birthday Dec’s instead. I can’t believe our little Olly Pant’s is going to be 8 this year or should I say 7 going on 17 his teenage attitude is coming out already… My tiny little boy is growing up makes me sad… he was tiny when he was born in early baby clothes for about a month haha tiny tot.

Well that’s all from me today, don’t forget to enter my giveaways and invite your friends too.

Merry Christmas