Advents – Christmas Competitions

It’s Christmaasssss!!! Well Nearly…

With only a week to go till the comping world goes advent mad I though I would help some of you out in case your new to comping so here’s just a little bit about the advents. Few tips, where you can find them and if your not sure what they are this hopefully will help you. An advent competition is just like an chocolate advent that’s done online but in stead of getting chocolate you get prizes. They are usually daily so can be from midnight to midnight 8 till 8 etc. You can find them anywhere to be honest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Websites and even bloggers sometimes run them.

Here we go are you ready? I’ve tired my best to help as best as I can but if I haven’t written what you are looking for or help you need just drop me a comment. Lets do This!!! 


You don’t need to enter everyone but you do need to be careful last year I could only enter half of the ones on Facebook, as I got so excited that I got banned for 14days on day one. It was horrible to see all the really good advents and I couldn’t enter them I only had myself to blame. So this year I wont go comping mad and only enter what I would like to win. I have a few comping friends on Facebook, Instagram and twitter so they tag me and I tag them. I also use other websites to help me find them my go to is competition database. It is easy to quickly get over whelmed with it all so if this is your first year then just go with the flow and maybe write down what you have entered a lot of my comping friends have their yearly advent notebooks.

Themed Advents 

Many companies like to do themed comps sometimes that they like you to add a picture in the comment so there can be

  • Christmas tree ones
  • Christmas jumper selfie ones
  • Christmas decorations
  • Chirstmas animals
  • Chirtmas Crafts etc

Also be photo ready so just in case you come across them your on the ball.


Don’t put to much pressure on yourself either otherwise you can get really stressed out. If you don’t have a lot of time then you can always just limit yourself to so many a day. I like to usually comp when the kids are at school or in bed. If you have a child that still naps that is a good time to have a cuppa take 15mins out and enter a few advents. Advents are a good way to win different prizes but because advents are quite popular doesn’t mean your always going to win you could enter 500 but only win 5 but that’s what the comping world is all about you win some and you loss some. Winning does give you a massive buzz though I didnt win many last year but I was happy just to get one same as this year I’m happy if I do win and I’m happy if I don’t. I enter comps for fun and I don’t like to get to over whelmed with it either.

Email Accounts 

Try setting up and different email as a few companies do online advents where they sometimes like you to sign up to there newsletter. I have 2 one for all my personal emails like my blogging etc then I have another one for my comping etc, its easier than your personal email getting clogged up with all different newsletters. Keep it tidy though as you could miss that winning email.

I hope this can help some you out and I wish you all the best of luck in the advents. If you have any tips yourself then please drop them in the comments so others can read them.

Lucky Fairy’s Everyone!!

Much Love Lizxx


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