Hello… How Are You?….


How is everyone?. I have noticed that lately I haven’t been blogging as much as I was a few months ago, I kind of fell behind when the summer holidays came and I have let it all slide I used to post 2 or 3 times a week now its like 2 or 3 times a month which is really sad 😦 life has just took over at the moment. Loads of stuff has been happening and now isn’t, I’ve been very stressed to the point where I have made my self really ill. Its a busy time of the year with school, Olly & Tilda have so much going on with school and Christmas coming up…

Today I tried to be “fun mummy” oh well after today I’m now tired mummy. There is a competition going on at school to design a snowman. I helped the kids do that, I love my children don’t get me wrong but they have made some scary looking people snowmen they will haunt your dreams plus I wasn’t aloud to take photos of them because people aren’t aloud to see them yet. Trust me your very luck.. The we did home work, well mummy did homework they just sat and looked at me like I was talking in a totally different lanauge to them about what they had to do. Olly had a picture of a magical tree house and he had to write about something that lived in it. Matilda had to do a poem about autumn she just ended up writing what she loves about it, not much to be fair was more about how she doesn’t like the cold but we got some colour changing leaves from outside and stuck them in her book. To be honest I had fun with them, was good getting string and tissue paper stuck to myself. I do love them little humans we created.

I always come on here like I know what I want to write but to be honest I don’t, I think right im going to talk about this, that and the other but that never happens. I love to write and I know I can chat for Britain when I write, I find it so much more easier writing on my blog then I do telling people in real life, like I can talk to DaddyOverload and my mum but other people I struggle but when it comes to writing on here and knowing that I post it to everyone around the world that doesn’t scare me, I don’t seem to care if people like to read what I write or if they like me, but some how in person its different. Why I cant be the same I don’t know I think its just who I am. I’m quite a shy person but once you get to know me I’m ok and I don’t shut up.

Well I totally forgot that I was writing this Sunday night haha so its now Tuesday afternoon, I haven’t been very well over the last few weeks due to stress but yesterday was the worst. Just wanted to sleep all day but with DaddyOverload doing lates this week I didnt have that option and needed to be a mummy… Ive been really stressed out because we where going to go through and do a house swap, we pulled out today finally after all the stressed it has caused us with the other person trying to get us to swap before Christmas but that just money wise wasnt possible. So much stressed in the end just wasnt worth it. I feel so much more chilled out about it all and I feel like we can have a good Christmas without me being ill. I feel like I can talk about it now as we wasnt going to tell anyone just yet as we didnt know what was going on but know I can that’s why I’ve been quite on here so much just been really poorly and my mental health has suffered quite a lot to, to be honest I don’t think I could have got through it all without DaddyOverload, My mum, Mummyandmex2 which is my really close blogging friend and my friend Hayley they have all gave me great advice and helped me in more ways then they would ever know.

We are putting out tree up this weekend.. Yes I know its early but we take it down on the 27th/28th December as its DaddyOverload’s and Olly’s birthday that day so we try and not make it all about it being at Christmas time, even though Olly moans that he will never be at school for this birthday lol. I love Christmas its my favourite time of year and hopefully we are going down to my sisters on boxing day so we can spend some time with my family this year then next Christmas will more than likely be DaddyOverload’s mum. Have nearly finished our Christmas shopping present wise I have a few more for DaddyOverload, I’m making him a hamper… don’t worry he doesn’t read my blog haha even if he does I’ve already told him but I wont say what else I have got in case this once he reads it haha.

Well that’s all from me for today I will be start blogging more and will more than likely start a I’m A Celeb one I love it.

Hope you all have a fab week

Much Love Lizxx

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