It’s Christmas Time…



Well not yet but we can get excited about Letters from Santa. I was offered a collaboration with a company that do a Letters from Santa I was happy to be part of this. Olly has been questioning a lot this year about if Santa is real and if elfs are real so I thought this was a great idea to try and get him to believe in all the magic of christams again even if it was for one more year.

There are 6 letter you can choose from

  • Letter 1 – Christmas is coming. –¬†A Christmas classic story for all ages alike. Ideal for the run up towards the big day.
  • Letter 2 – The Laplandish Elf –¬†Join elfie the Lapland elf on his mischievious adventures all around the world.
  • Letter 3 – Santa’s Good List – A magical story about Santa and the laplands elves checking this years good list.
  • Letter 4 – Rudolph’s Test Flight – A charming story about Rudolph’s test flight, remember to look up at the stars tonight too.¬†
  • Letter 5¬† – Don’t Stop Believing –¬†For those who are questioning if Santa is real, an enchanting story for older children too.¬†
  • Letter 6 – Baby’s First Christmas –¬†The perfect keepsake for your baby’s 1st Christmas, personalised in so many ways.¬†


I chose letter 3 for Matilda and letter 5 for Olly, you get to personalise them with friends names, toys that they would like for Christmas, what they have been doing, what they left out for the reindeers last year and you also get to add a little message at the end. You also have the option to say its from Santa Clause or Father Christmas I chose Santa as we use that a lot especially this time if year with the “right I’m telling Santa”¬†or something like that. On the back of the letter there is Santa’s secret Map that you can use to follow Santa and his reindeers delivering presents to children all around the world. The personalised letter cost ¬£5.95

Along with the letter you get a Bumper Activity Pack which also includes a free 2019 certificate and wishing stars. The bumper pack includes ( cost of this is £2.95)

  • Activity Christmas card and thank you Santa postcard
  • Activity Santa sheets and colouring door hanger¬†
  • Santa stop here poster
  • Good child certificate¬†
  • Lapland wishing stars¬†


There is also a lot more things you can add to your order, personalised text message from Santa sent on Christmas day. Lapland reindeer food which also includes Magical moon dust. Personalised chocolate bar with your children’s name on it. Extra wishing stars. Personalised Santa key includes elf envelope, personalised key tag with candy cane string.¬† All of these are an a extra cost starting from ¬£1.95.

When I told Olly & Matilda that they have some letter that I think are from Santa they got really excited wanted me to read them and both sat there really interested about what was on the letter while I read them out. They have planned where their Santa Stop Here sign’s are going. Have told loads of there friends that they had a letter early from Santa and what he has said. They are truly such lovely letters. I also think I may have one last year with Olly and all the Christmas Magic. Matilda has a teddy elf we call elfie as you can see in the photos. I heard them talking the other night after they got the letters saying that they think elfie works for Santa and that he has been sent to see if they are good or not. They where really good for a few days but it didnt last very long. I think I might have to find elfie and leave a little note from him… Maybe they might be a bit better behaved… As parent’s we can only hope!!


You can purchase these amazing letter at the Lapland Letters I really hope you order some, they are great and the activities are so much fun to do.

Much Love Lizxx


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