November 2019 Beauty Boxes

Hello, I thought I would do I full post on the beauty boxes I have got this month. I have had Look Fantastic, Birchbox & GlossyBox. I was really happy to be getting 3 this month but to be honest I’m a little disappointed in them. Don’t get me wrong they all have good items not many that I will use but keep reading to find out why I’m disappointed.

Please remember this is my own point of view and feelings.

Look Fantastic 


This months was a Hygee edition, oh I thought going to be really good. I saw a sneek peak and thought oh ok maybe I could be wrong. There are some really good brands in the box just wasnt as good as the other ones I have had. In this box there are

  • ESPA – Smooth & Firm Body Butter
  • THIS WORKS – Deep Sleep Pillow Spray
  • NUXE – Huile Prodigieuse Riche
  • SO ECO – Konjac Sponge
  • DR BOTANICALS – Hemp Infused Natural Nutrition Moisturiser
  • SKIMONO – Beauty Hand Mask

Like I said some really good products but just not my taste. I wont use half of them so they will just sit in my draw for god knows how long lol. I don’t personal like this works pillow spray its too strong for me, don’t really like hand masks either because I fiddle with my handles a lot when I’m nervous so the thought of glove mask things and not being able to do anything makes me more nervous lol. I like the sound of the Konjac sponge you can see in the packet that its already wet which is good. As with other charcoal sponge you have to soak them before you can use them. Excited to try this one will let you know on my Instagram what its like. Nuxe is good but  I don’t like using oil on my skin or my hair makes my hair like mega greasy and I feel like it makes my skin even more oily then normal. ESPA I’ve read is a good brand but I just have some many different body butters etc that I wont have to buy any till this time next year. I love Dr Bontanicals products I’ve used loads over the past few years and this is a good moisturiser I just have so many. All of these are really good brand just not for my liking. Sneak peek for December is Sleek I-Divine Eyeshadow Pallet. You can get this box for £13 a month with free delivery if you sign up for a 12month plan.



This was the box I was most disappointed about because the design for this months box is all about Frozen 2 that is coming out I just thought that maybe would be Disney themed items. Well it wasnt at all… In this box there are

  • LISE WATIER – Rouge Gourmand in Gingerbread
  • BODYOGRAPHY – Lip Pencil in Timber
  • INC.REDIBLE – Flower Power Hydrating Sheet Mask
  • SUKIN – Signature Focial Moisturiser
  • SUNNY ISLE – Leave in Detangle & Conditioner

There is nothing Disney about these items. I did a story on Instagram about this box last night I said in it, that Birchbox bigged this box up so much that you would think that at least a few of the items would be Disney. I know that there is many different beauty products out there that are Disney, could have got a bath boom, Disney face mask or a flannel. Remember when I was younger you could get them Disney one that where in a love heart then you put into water and they would expand out. I wont use a lot of this as I already have so much of them and I just end up giving it all away. Another thing that annoyed me was that usually you get that lovely nice stuff in the box, nope I got none just looked like it was rushed packed. The sneak peak for December is Forgive Me Suzie Eyeshadow palette you can chose from soft neutrals or autumnal shades. You can get this box for only £5 using this link.



I’ve never had a box that I haven’t enjoyed from Glossybox apart from this one don’t get me wrong all good brands again and all full size just not for me. In this box there are

  • MUDMASKY – Leave on me Winter mask
  • RITUALS – Soothing hand cream
  • CETAPHIL – Gentle Skin Cleanser
  • KANDI COSMETICS – Glow Up Primer and Setting Spray
  • HASK EXOTICS – Hair Oil
  • OFFBLAK – Fruit tea

Its a good box, good brands think I just fed up of the same kind of items. I was so excited when I saw on sneak peak that there was Rituals, I though it would be shower gel or bath but its just hand cream. Hask is a good brand I love their different hair masks they do I just hate hair oil. Offblak I have heard they are good I just don’t get why tea just cant be tea?!! why does it have to be every different fruit maybe I’m just boring and old before my time haha. The primer and setting spray is glittery so it gives you that glow, great for the Christmas season that’s not to far away. Mudmasky again a good brand just not for me I don’t like to use leave in masks as makes my hair all weird and looks like I haven’t washed it in days. I have such lovely hair lol. Cetaphil I’m happy with this I’ve heard some really good things about this. December’s box is all about skin care and shimmer the sneak peek is multi purpose pigment powder. You can get 20% off this box using this link.

Now this is not my usual beauty box blogs I do but I think I did it this way this month because I’m disappointed in them and thought that they might have been a little bit more wow if you get what I mean esp. the Birchbox I cant believe how much they made this box out to be. The lives they where all like this box is this that and the other and then you get it and its like oh wow this isn’t good. I know that not everyone will be like this and will probably not understand why I have wrote this but I have seen others selling there full box as they think the same as me. Lip liners are boring and are nearly in every box with Birchbox if it’s not a lip liner then its a mini eyeliner or mascara. That’s my most disappointing box this month. I’m really hoping that December is better as it Christmas month and I would love one to be at least like WOW!!! I’m also hoping that the box designs are christmasy other wise I would be a little bit like ooohhh but its Christmas…

That’s all from me, hope everyone has had a good weekend..

Much Love Lizxx

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