Half Term & Halloween

Hello, I’ve realised I have been really quite over October, sorry about that has been a crazy month with all different things going on. We have just finished half term they went back to school Monday till Christmas now think they break up around the 20th December if I remember rightly.

This half term we haven’t done much just chilled out the term was so long they where really tired from it all and didnt ask to do anything so we stayed home and played games. Watched movies, baked well I tried to I ended up binning them as DaddyOverload’s face said it all I really cant bake I try to though as Matilda loves to. She became my shadow this week and was everywhere I went bless her I think she is going to find it hard for the first few weeks back at school. I did tell her that she is going back to school next week, she started to cry and said she didnt want to go back as she would miss me too much. Breaks my heart a little but I did say that she would see all her friends at school and she stopped crying them haha.


Oh yeah forgot to say wasnt in half term but my little Olly pants got glasses a few weeks back and he looks so cute in them everyone has said they he looks handsome and so grown up. He doesn’t have to wear them all the time, just when he is reading writing watching tv and on the tablet or xbox. He has 2 pairs 1 is avengers as he is avengers mad and the other 1’s are JCB that glow in the dark. We have noticed though since he got them that he has improved a lot at school with them which is amazing.


Halloween!! We had fun this Halloween, Olly dressed up as a werewolf had a pretty scary mask and Matilda dressed up as a non scary girl clown as she called it we did her clown make up. Olly made a toddler cry when he knocked at their door he was shocked and took it off straight away and said sorry about 100 times. He was very careful for the rest of the night. We wasnt out very long as it was getting cold and Matilda’s hand where really red we forgot to pick up her gloves she is like a little doll so gets cold really easy. DaddyOverload got a mask last month to wear it can be quite scary I was looking down a street to see which houses had dec’s or pumpkins out as we only went to them houses and he walked the other way without any lights and just stood there with his make lit up walking closer to us, if I didnt know it was him I would have grab the kids and ran haha.


I got an early Christmas present this week from DaddyOverload I’ve only asked for 2 things this Christmas these amazing most beautiful boots that I’ve wanted all my life and a pair of slippers as I hate having cold feet. So my present was a pair of Dr Martin boots black and shiney brand new…. I’m so in love with them. Cant believe how quick Christmas has come around. We stay at home for Christmas might be going to my sisters with all my family on boxing day which would be really nice as it would have been my dads birthday on boxing day, then there is DaddyOverload’s and Olly’s not long after Christmas they are born on the same day god knows how I managed for Olly to be born on his birthday but it happened. I do quite love that they share a birthday together they have this special bond that is just for them. Olly loves that they share a birthday it is really sweet. Please beawear that there will be a few posts about Christmas as I love it loads, its the best time of year.


As you can see we didnt do much this half term but it was good and now they go back to school on Monday I think I might feel a little lost without them lol.

Hope everyone had a fab half term and a spooky Halloween I know we did.

Much Love Lizxx


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