ACE – Refresh Your Winter Wardrobe



I was kindly gifted some lovely Ace For Colours by Ace UK and Britmums as a refresh your winter wardrobe campaign to re vamp our winter woollies. I got 2 450g boxes from them, they are fully recyclable, remove stains and odours. Can be used in both white and colour washes, is even active at 30 which is great I always try and wash at 30 as much as I can. Many different way’s you can use this, pretreatment, soaking and washing machine all good and work great. You don’t need to use a lot in your washing if you are using it in the machine only 2 tablespoons in the main dispenser, I find putting it in the machine fun and you put it in when the water flows into the main dispenser part so I now have become a pro at when the water flows and when to put it in. Go Mummy!!

I used this the first day I got it and use it in every wash so far, I have noticed the difference in colour especially in the light colours. I wash my daughter pink adidas joggers she loves them and would wear them all day everyday if I let her, they had started to look a little faded and I’ve tired everything to try and get them a little brighter again, I just couldn’t get anything to work. After I had used the Ace a few times I thought I would try it on these and started to notice a little difference in the colour. I also dug out my winter PJ’s that I had put away because they are the big fluffy ones the jumper looked a little dim its was usually a bright purple but in a nice way use this and looks a lot better.


On the box it says that it removes odours and this is true, sometimes on other brands it says it removes odours but I don’t think they do as sometimes I can still smell the odour especially if its puke. Matilda was really poorly a few weekends ago was the night that I had got my 2 lovely boxes. I thought that we would be up half the night washing all her bedding, pillows and teddies. Matilda likes to sleep with a million teddies and pillows oh and not to forget about a million blankets to how she manages to sleep and not fall out of her bed we will never know. She had puked over nearly everything including herself and her hair. I usually have to wash puked on bedding or any item a few times before I cant smell the puke, I have a very good sense of smell. We only had to wash it all once on a 60 most of it as I’m a bit of a germ freak and knew that it was a bug. It came out the washing machine smelling amazing and pukeless I was so happy that I didnt need to wash it all again so it really does ‘do what it says on the box’ I was pleased and all her bedding, pillows, teddies and blankets all look amazing. I did a story on my Instagram about it and even posted on my grid about it but its the picture under this part, as you can see it all looks lovely bright and clean.


All of our wardrobes look amazing, I swear they are all brighter, I always wear jeans they are like my life and I washed my best jeans that I always wear with this and someone even asked me ‘oh you have new jeans’ nope just the same jeans just added ace to my wash. I have told so many different people about this on social media and off. Has to be one of the best products I have used on my washing in along time. I’ve always been funny about what I use on my skin due to have eczma and Matilda also suffering bad I guess we all kind of do as Olly & DaddyOverload get it to sometimes so I was a little nervous about using this but it hasn’t effected our skin at all, which is great so I know I can keep buying this once I have use all my lovely gifted boxes up.

I really do rate this product a lot I love it and highly recommend it. It is available to buy now currently in Morris ons and on Amazon, which is where I will be buying mine once I start getting low on the ones that I have. I really hope you all do rush out and buy this as it is as good as I have said.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading.

Much Love Lizxx


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