Just a little catch up…

Bit Of A Meh Month

September started off really good now 3 weeks in I cant wait till October. Kids went back to school which was like a tiny little bit of heaven in a bottle even if I did get use to them being at home with me and missed them just a little bit. We did friends fest which was amazing and that night when I was at my mums I managed to speak to RYLAN CLARK on his Instagram live feed. I was shaking for like an hour after, don’t think my mum was very impressed with me though as I put her on camera and she was eating her dinner. Sorry Mum!!!

Matilda is on her 3rd pair of school shoes its like one pair a week haha. We brought her new school shoes as her little doll feet had grown but the first few days they rubbed the hell out of her feet and she more plasters more than the shoes them self. We moved on to her boots (she already had them) so I knew they would be ok, she loved her boots she said look at me mummy I’m rocking out my boots with my skirt. I always tell them to go and rock out in what ever they are wearing. Then we found some really cool trainer school shoes I thought these would be the best because her feet are so skinny. DaddyOverload had found some awesome Minnie mouse school ones with a cute bow on Matilda loved them so we ordered them. She wore them for the first time yesterday picked her up from school asked her how her day was then said oh how’s the shoes. They are fine mummy but this happened…… one of the bows had come off…. after one wear for 6 hours. Please bare in mind I haven’t had a very good week at all but I will get to that in a minute. This just topped off my week…. Rang Asda on the walk home from school I couldn’t wait to get home as my blood was boiling. First the lady was like mhmmm but she had wore them, yes I know that but it was only for 6 hrs at school surely the bow shouldn’t fall off?… after about 20mins they finally gave in and have re sent the same shoes as they where faulty. Hopefully these ones wont break.

This is why my week has been crap I slip over in the shower last weekend and pop my hip out, I can just pop it back in but I cant walk very well for a few days after and the pain is so bad after that I want to cry but looking at me you wouldn’t be able to tell. I’ve got very good at hiding my pain they way I deal with it. We had some really bad news this week to which has added to the  ” Why we hate September list”. Now this is the big reason why I have had a bad week, people are SELFISH!!!! only ever care about them selves like the whole world owes them a favour. I hate this everyone seems to come to me to moan about someone or something but its always about them never about anyone else the whole convocation is about how they feel and them them them…. Why do we always have to make the effort for everyone else their is only one person in my life apart from DaddyOverload and the kids that the effort is both ways. I don’t get no one owes you anything, its so draining. I don’t like being annoyed I hate it cause me to have a headache for days on end but they just get right under my skin, but we are always the problem even if we haven’t done anything wrong.

Monday isn’t a very good day either its the anniversary of my dads passing so that day is always a little hard and I worry a lot about my mum as I cant be with her but I know she will be ok as she has my sisters that live near her.

Have some good stuff happening this month, the kids school is 20 years old on Friday so they have been planning a party. Olly’s been coming home from school singing songs from 1999 haha they have been learning them in school. Hopefully the weather holds as its on the field and they are doing a BBQ having games etc kids are really excited. Something to look forward to.

Then its October…. I love October that’s when it starts to get cold, dark nights and Halloween, spooky night. We take the kids out and have fun we always seem to get lost when we are but hopefully this year we wont. October – December is my favourite time of year I LOVE Christmas reminds me so much of my dad he was Christmas mad. What I love about Christmas is everything apart from tinsel, I hate that the look the feel and the sounds awful thing to make haha but we have it in the house and on our tree because the kids love them.

That’s all I’m saying about Christmas you I will more than likely blog like mad about it!!

Hope you have a better month than me lol

Much Love Lizxx