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Monday 9th September 2019 

Woke up in pure excitement, today was the day that we had been waiting nearly 6months for. Kids were excited for us soon as they saw us awake they said “Are you going to friends fest today?” YES YES YES…. Looked over at DaddyOverload, his face was filled with pure excitement. I had to stay calm if I didnt I would end up with a migraine I didnt want that to happened..

If you didnt already know we are massive friends fans and we have been wanting to go to a friends fest since they started… Today was the day!!

Normal morning apart from we were are my mums. Had breakfast not that I could eat through excitement. I’m like a kid at Christmas when I get excited haha. We had our friends tops all ready. They had been ready for about 5months hanging in the wardrobe I refused to let DaddyOverload wear his even though I knew he wanted to. I had a C.R.A.P B.A.G top (if you watch friends then you will know what crap bag means…if you don’t google it) DaddyOverload had a wicked awesome top it had all the random quotes that are in friends like He’s Her lobster, Smelly Cat, That’s My Sandwich, They Don’t Know That We know That They Know, Amazing they are. If you are wondering where they are from its a company called Anaphase Store. 

We where ready to go, my mum was nice enough to have French plaited my hair, haven’t had it like that for years I loved it. My mum dropped us off at friends fest about an hour before are tour was so that we could have a look around to see what was there. There was quite a few scenes you could re create.

Different Scenes you could re create.

Opening Scene – First scene we did was the opening scene where they are on the sofa by the fountain with the umbrella’s. There was the ‘Friends Crew’ there to help you take your photos. There was one man that was lovely but I never got his name. He boomeranged this scene with the umbrella’s, I must say it’s a very good boomerang. If you follow on Instagram then you might have seen it. Then you could do 3 different poses. I don’t think I’ve posed so much in my life. 

Pivot – This is one of my favourite scenes, Ross is my favourite so we both really enjoyed doing this. They had the cream sofa stuck half way up the stairs like it is in the scene. You took it in turns to go either side which was great. I loved doing this one. We shouted PIVOT as she took the photo. It was so much fun. 

Central Perk – This one was great there was quite a few things to do here. You could take a photo on the famous central perk sofa, sit on phoebes chair posing with the guitar and go behind the counter. One thing that was really great was if you timed it at the right time then there was a lovely lady that would sing all phoebes famous songs, she was great and you got to sing along with her. I didnt realise that DaddyOverload is tone deaf haha. You could also get your picture taken outside the famous central perk window. 



Vegas Wedding – This was so fun. We did this last so by the time we managed to get there it was quite busy so had to wait about half hour – 45mins to do this one. I wasnt going without doing this one. There where 3 parts to this one, you got to put on a wedding dress or a gladiator outfit with the helmet. First part was having your picture in front of the wedding chapel signs, the man took loads of these as I couldn’t stop laughing at DaddyOverload but we got there in the end. Second part was after you got married out side the doors, was going to get DaddyOverload to pick me up but I changed my mind in case dropped me. The last part was just chilling on Monica’s sofa in the wedding dresses which is in season 4. 


Phoebes Taxi – This was in the middle of the whole place near the tour tent but there wasnt any one their to take your picture so if you wanted to go in together then you would have to ask someone to help, there where many nice people that would. I went in the taxi on my own DaddyOverload didnt fancy going in so he was able to take the photos after a wasp wanted to sit on his arm haha. 

The Floating Heads – You could do the floating heads which is from the one with the late thanksgiving season 10 ep 8 great episode. I enjoyed doing this one, the episode is one of my favourite not much to tell as it is what you see lol. 


When you walked into the place there was one thing you could do but its not a scene you can create was just a friends thing you could do. You know the frame that’s around Monica’s spy whole on her door, their was a massive one where you could either dress up or not and use different quotes from the show.


There is a few more bits about the day so please keep reading I promise you wont be disapointed.

The Tour – We had done a few things before our tour but you needed to be in the tour tent 15mins before your tour started but there was a massive time line from the first episode to the last and it had all the different things that had happened in the amazing 10 years the show ran for. Before you get to view the aparemtns of the show there is a little video you watch from one of the creaters of friends. Plus there where all the famous props there where used. Hugsy, The turkey with the glasses that Monica wears and many more. 

Joey And Chandler’s Apartment – The apartment’s are done to size and they are not as big as everyone thinks and when you have a lot of people in there it can be hard to move around. There was everything that you get in their apartment including the canoe. We had our photos taken in the brown recliner chairs and on the yellow sofa with hugsy.  Rememeber that episode when Joey built the massive entertainment unit, he said he could fit in it. Someone locked him in with the hockey stick and stole all their stuff, the entertainment unit was there with the hockey stick in it. Pat the dog was also there but you couldn’t sit on him like they do in the show. The Stephen king book was also in the freezer haha though that was a great add. 

The Hall way – You got to go into the hallway between Joey & Chandlers and Monica & Rachels was fun to take some photos their.

Monica And Rachel’s Apartment – This is one of my favourite places many of my favourite shows are in this one. I was so excited to sit on the sofa in there (I know that its not all the actual stuff but still fun) You could sit at the table and pretend to have a cuppa tea, sit on the bench near the window. In the fridge there was even the lovely trifle mince pie Rachel made and the recipe book was on the side. Was so good to be in there felt like you was on the real set.

Ross’s Apartment – This is what I was most excited about. There was so much in their, die hard tapes haha, dinosaur’s all the little trinkets that are in the episode. There was even some money in the pot on the table. We hid behind the curtains like they do in Unagi episode. We had our pictures taken on the sofa and I did a selfie on the chair. Don’t think I’ve taken so many different selfies and posed so much in my life.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s the tour and where we got to look at. Was so amazing…

The Gift Shop – We went in here after we did the tour as apparently DaddyOverload was worried that they would run out of Hugsy haha but there was so much in their. We got quite a bit I think I may have got a little excited. I felt like I wanted to get everything. This is what we got.

  • Hugsy
    Friends Fest 25th Anniversay T-Shirts and Hoodie
    Trival Pursuit friends addition
    Tech Stickers
    Pack of 3 Note Books with We where on a break, How you doin? & Pivot
    Memo calender and sticky notes
    Playing Cards
    Top 30 Moment Cards
    Heat Changing Mug
    Big Note Book

Some things where a bit pricey but we knew they would be but we didnt mind was having to much of a great time to care.
Food, Drink & Entertainment – There where a few places you could grab food. Joey’s Pizza, The One With Van, Phoebe’s Veggie Van and New York Bagels. We had a hotdog from the one with van it was really nice it had slow cooked pulled pork on it but I must admit was really hot and hurt my mouth haha. DaddyOverload had some Joey’s pizza and said it was really nice I could tell it was dripping down his face. I ate some chips they where ok. You could grab a coffee in central perk or a friends cocktail at the bar tent. Could grab an ice cream on your way out too. They had a massive screen too where they played funny scenes from the shows. Plus they also held a quiz about friends that we joined in to.

Did you know that there is 236 episodes of Friends….

We had such an amazing time and I think I would go back again. That’s all I have to say about our amazing Friends Fest day.
Really hope you enjoyed reading
Much Love Lizxx


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