Moving Away – Hardest Thing In Life…

Hardest But Wonderful Journey

Moving away from home was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. We as a family decided to move away from our hometown to a completely different one that we didnt know, we didnt know anyone and hardly took anything with us. It was the best thing we have ever done. Still it was really hard moving away from my mum. 

We moved 2.5years ago now and I didnt cry, I didnt miss home at all apart from my mum and family. At that moment in time I didnt care I just had to get my kids as far away from that world I had created. I needed for them to feel safe and the only way I knew how to do that was to move. Some people might think I was running away from the life I had and looking back yes I did and I’m glad I did. I had created a horrible life looking back but when you are stuck you don’t realise till you are out of it. I hadn’t been back home since I left, I knew one day that I would have to go back but my mum would drive up to see us, we would speak on the phone, over instant chat so I was ok. I still had that connection with my mum which I was happy about. 

Olly had started a brand new school, was doing well and making friends. We hadn’t found anywhere to live so we where living with my mother in law and her husband. Wasnt the best idea but we had no where else to go and was the only offer we had. We where their for 6months before we found somewhere to live. We had moved from a 2 bedroom house with a conservatory, so we had loads of stuff. We left all the big unimportant stuff and managed to fit everything we owned into a rented crate which was really go for the price. When we moved into our flat didnt have a lot but it was ours and we could call it home. The kids had all their toys back, where sleeping in their own best so they where mega happy. We where sleeping in the living room as we didnt have a sofa. There wasnt any carpet when we moved in, the whole place needed decorating, we did a bit before moving it but moved it a few days before the carpet got laid. We had managed to get a fridge freezer for a really good price, an oven and rented a washing machine as we couldn’t afford everything brand new. We do have our own washing machine now might have taken over 2 years but we did it and we can call it ours. DaddyOverload had managed to get a job before we got our flat so that was great. I was still out of work just trying to make ends meet. Might not sound like we where better off but mentally we all where and we have never been happier. 

We slowly started to getting there we had decorated most of the rooms had carpeted the living room and the kids room. Our housing had ripped the kitchen out a replaced it all which was great as the kitchen wasnt in the best state, was a good 3 months before we got a sofa but we got one and everything started to fall into place. Now after nearly 2 years we are mega happy, flat is all done but getting to the point where we don’t like much and need to re decorate but cant come to the same idea on what we want so we don’t really talk about it that much till one of us sees something we like. 

I have been home I went back for the first time about 2 weeks ago, my sister and my brother in law throw a anniversary party as they have been married for 10years. That was the first time I saw my sisters, nieces and nephews for over 2 years. I went back again this weekend just gone as we went to friends fest which was amazing and I have a whole blog post coming up with some amazing pictures. We came back today, when I got home I felt like something wasnt right. I couldn’t work out what it was. I was happy to be home in my own bed etc but something didnt sit right. Had food, did washing sorted the kids out with dinner and baths as they are back at school tomorrow. Olly asked me a question about the dog. The dog is my sisters and he is lovely, yesterday my mum had him for the afternoon so he isn’t left at home on his own as he is only a puppy. Olly had loads of fun with him, I had messaged my mum to say that we had got home OK and she had said that she had gone to pick up the dog and that he had ran into her living room thinking the kids where going to be there and they weren’t, she said the dog looked a little disspointed. I told Olly as he had asked he walked away and hid behind his bedroom door, when I got to him he was crying I asked him why and he said he missed nanny (bless him) so I hugged him was nearly crying myself as I thought that it was really cute of him. Hes the kind of kid that wears his hear on his sleeve, both kids went to be early and fell straight to sleep which I thought they would as they have had a mesg busy couple of weeks. 

I was fine went into the bedroom to watch my program which I didnt end up putting on because I started to cry, have no idea why I cried and didnt stop for about 15mintues. I spoke to DaddyOverload about it all, I’m really happy with my life and I love where I live but I think because I didnt cry when we moved and I have been home the whole 2.5 years had caught up with me. It was hard leaving my mum as I worry a lot about her since my dad sadly passed away neatly 6 years ago, she always say’s she fine but I have a right to worry she my mum. I just hope that she liked us invading her home for 2 weekends running and that she had a lovely time with the kids because the kids did Matilda hasn’t shut up about all the fun she had at nanny’s with her cousins. 

Moving away was and is the hardest thing I have ever done, leaving all my family and starting fresh but I really hope they understand that I had to do this for my family and myself. I’m very happy and miss and love them all very much. Writing this post has really helped me deal with whatever I’m feeling tonight and I just wanted to share the most hardest but wonderful journey of my life. 

Thank you for reading 

Much Love Lizxx