Maqio Toys – Bag Review


A few weeks ago Maqio Toys where kind enough to gift Olly and Matilda some bags. Olly got a 3D captain America bag and Matilda got a colour yourself paw patrol bag. There was loads to choose from but I though I would pick something that I know they will both like. Matilda loves paw patrol and Olly is avengers mad.

The paw patrol colour yourself backpack is a reasonable size but not big enough for school, so if you have a toddler at pre school or nursey this will be perfect. The size is 22.8 x 28.0 x 5.1 cm. Come with 5 colour pens, light blue, navy blue, red, green and brown. We did have a problem with the brown it didnt work very well, seemed like it had dried out and didnt want to work that well. Luckliy enough we have had a colour yourself bag before and used that brown. Matilda was so happy with her bag that much is went crazy with the colouring haha. She used it when we went down to my mums for the weekend to put here toys in and was so happy showing it off to her nan and saying that Olly helped her with some parts and she did most of it on her own. This bag is on sale on their website for £4.99 you can get it here


Olly is using his captain America bag for school as it big enough for school. Having thr 3D effect on the bag makes it stand out really well. There are two different parts of the bag the main part at the back but then the font also has a zip but smaller than the back. The straps are ajustbale which is great for younger kids. There is a side part where you can put your drinks bottle in, Olly thought that was amazing I think that’s his favourite part of the bag. He has shown everyone that he can put his water bottle for school in there. The size of this bag is 33.0 x 40.0 x 5.0 cm really good size. This bag is currently on sale for £8.99 and you can buy it here


Maqio has more than just bags. They sell all different things for kids from bags to toys. I have seen a few things that I have my eye on for the kids for Christmas. They have a good returns policy too which is on all items. 30 Day Refund Policy if your sending your item back due to it be faulty then they even offer to pay for the return postage and will either exchange it or refund. There is more about the refund policy on there website. If you send over £15 then there is free delivery. Many different brands Barbie, paw patrol, avengers, lego, Pixar and more.

I have some codes for the website that you are more than welcome to use

  • Use code 5OFF to get £5 off your order £50 or over
  • Use Code 10OFF to get £10 off your order of £100 or more
  • FREE DELIVERY when yo spend £15 or more online

Please pop over to check out there items and see what they have plus they have a sale on with some pretty good items if I do say myself.

Thanks for reading you can also check the company out on twitter and Instagram.



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