Goodbye Summer Holidays


They are nearly over and to be honest I think we are all quite happy about this. The kids start to get back into routine, parents start to feel a little less stressed at normal haha. Don’t get me wrong I have loved having mine at home most weeks, there was the odd I’m not going to listen to anything mummy says, the odd fight, bickering or snitching. All round though was pretty good.

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We saw a few friends, went to a few party’s and even went down to my mums and saw family for the weekend. Didnt go away this year because DaddyOverload is learning to drive so we have been saving for a car etc. We are more than likely going to go away next year but we still had fun. You don’t always need to go away to have a good summer holiday.


Had fun at the park loads, we have a park with a massive field near us and its good to get out and let them run there crazy off. We walked to the country park one day, we had been out for some lunch at a pub thinking it would take long we walked how wrong was because we had to go through all the housing estate’s it took us twice as long. Matilda needed a wee half way there and had to take her in a bush but it wasnt a very good bush I was trying not to let her bum get stung by a stingy nettle I step back to help her and ended up stinging myself. It was mega hot that day too. Don’t think I will ever do that walk again haha.

Matilda went to her friends birthday party at the start of the summer holiday which was good, she got to see most of her school friends and have fun with them outside of school. My friends little girl had a birthday party in the middle of the holidays which was great. Olly and Matilda where inviting which was good as they both got to have fun at the soft play with their friends. We saw a few friends too, went to my friends how who leaves over the road. She had 3 girls, Matilda and her youngest are in the same class at school and are best friends. Olly is friends with everyone, hes that kind of kid that takes people for who they are which at his age I think is great.


We went to Olly’s best friends house to, I get on with his mum really well which is an added bonus. She is lovely looks after my 2 if I need her help, will pick them up for school if one is ill or I cant make it with my back. We where round their for most of the afternoon, even had some pizza round the house. We had to borrow her spare car seat when we went down to my mums and I needed to borrow her little suit case to. I had been looking for a bag to take to my mums all week but where I thought the bag was it wasnt we soon realised that it must be in the shed out the back. We have a shared garden due to living in flats, the sheds are brick ones and I hate going in there. Spiders and webs everywhere we keep saying we need to get in there to clean it but I really don’t think either of us want to. So anyone the bag must be in the big broken suitcase that we haven’t got round to binning. I said it could stay in there and that something is more than likely living in there so my friend was kind enough to let us use them.

This weekend just gone we went back to our hometown and stayed at my mums for the weekend. Had a really good weekend, got to stay with my mum and just catch up. We talk all the time and get to see each other as much as we can, but this was the first time I had been back since we moved. My sister and brother-in-law had a anniversary party they have been married 10 years this year. I haven’t seen my sisters, brother in laws or nieces and nephews since I moved going back was really hard for me, its a very ling story but that’s for another post. Was amazing to see them all and my god have my nephews got so tall. My nieces are just as tall as well and we where all so happy to see us. Olly & Matilda where so excited to see everyone to. They had a blast. I drank a little to much and was hanging a little all day yesterday, I was find till DaddyOverload asked me to do jagerbombs I was like yeah lets do this….nope that killed me haha. Feeling good today though.

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Summer 2019 was great for us still have some more adventures this weekend. FRIEND FEST 2019 I will be blogging about this on my Instagram so if your not following me and would love to see it all then give me a follow. I will be blogging about it all on here though. That’s all for now.

Much Love Lizxx

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