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I was lucky enough to get some amazing foot care products from Dr. Anders (Feel Your Feet).I got sent Intensive rescue balm, Nourishing daily therapy and condition nail treatment. I’ve been testing these out for a few weeks and I must say that they are very good.


The rescue balm is designed to break down hard skin and eliminates cracks. Its non greasy and easy to apply. Makes your feet feel nice a soft as it forms a protective barrier and helps skin hold moisture for longer though out the day. You apply this twice a day, I apply in the morning and at night before I go to bed. It also helps relieve and soothes your skin which I love. Sometimes if I’m on my feet all day my skin on my feet feel tight but since I have been using this balm my feet haven’t. It’s packed with soothing ingredients to reduce discomfort and pain of cracked heels. I don’t suffer with cracked heels but I have seen some reviews on this and they are all good. This absorbs very quickly so if your busy and in a rush, you wont have to wait for ever for it to dry its always very easy to apply and use. Plus it’s suitable for people with diabetes which is great.


Along with the balm I have been using conditioning nail treatment. This is great if you have hard brittle or thick nails. Makes them easier to cut, helps to prevent ingrowing toenails, improves their appearance also hydrates the nail plate. The cream can also soften, nourishes and improve flexibility in the nail. I’ve seen some great improvement since using this I find that cutting my nails has become easier too. My husband has also been using this as I always moan at him about his feet. He has even seen improvement with his nails too. It’s a brush applicator so its easy to apply and can brush the cream in instead of using your hands.


Nourishing Daily Therapy, this is a spray and its formulated to restore your dry skin. I have used this when I haven’t had time to put the cream on it the morning. It has a blend of super fine natural oils and when sprayed onto your feet it’s immediately absorbed into the skin so you can quickly go about your day. It’s easy to use, non greasy, I think that’s great as there is nothing worse then greasy foot spray. I also think it quite refreshing on your feet. Nourishes and restores dry problem skin, helps locks moisture, soothes and reduces redness and irritation. Nothing worse then sore feet. I have this in my bag so its always with me. The spray can also improve the condition of your skin and helps fight against infection, if you suffer from infection on your feet then I recommended this. After I started using this I had told a friend about this, they brought it and started using it straight away. I saw her a week later, she said that her feet where feeling great and that her athletes foot she is a fitness trainer so on her feet quite a lot. After a few days it started it go and hasn’t returned. It’s also suitable for people with diabetes.


If you would like to buy these, you can check them out on this website

They retail between £16-£17 each but are worth every penny.

Thank you for reading

Much Love Lizxx

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