Glossybox August 2019

The Birthday Edition 



August is Glossyboxes birthday, I was so excited to get this box and I must say I was very pleased with it apart from one item but I will tell you why when we get to that item. The box is amazing glittery pink top dripping down the side of the lid with writing The Birthday Edition in pink glittery writing on the side. If you follow me on Instagram then you already might have seen what I got in this box. I got V1 so here is what is in my box 

  • Huda Beauty Lip Strobe – Angelic 
  • Furr – Rose Gold Eyelash Curler 
  • Imperial leather – Foamburst Ulitmate Moisture Golden Amber & Coconut Oil 
  • Bang Beauty – Felt Tip Eyeliner 
  • Beautypro – Eye Therapy 

Huda Beauty Lip Strobe – Full Size  

I love huda beauty products this is the second  product I’ve recived in a Glossybox. I got Angelic shade but there was 4 that you could have got the other 3 shades are Boujee Coral, Ritzy Champange and Fearless. I don’t quite like the colour that I got. You can wear it on its own as a lip gloss for a full coverage or iridescent finish or you can add it to your lipstick for the extra shine. I have only tired it as a full on lip gloss and I like it, I will be trying it over some lipstick next time. This usually retails at around £17 

Imprial Leather Foamburst Ultimate Moisture – Deluxe Mini 75ml 

I cant use this, never have been able to use imperial leather irritates my skin and brings me out in a rash I can still tell you about this though. This is newly launched foaming body wash that you can either enjoy in the shower or in the bath. Its meant to revive your body and mind, It blends softening skin conditions with nourishing natural oils including repairing amber oil and moisturising coconut oil. It will hydrate your skin and make it feel silky smooth. This size retails at around £2 and full size 200ml retails at £5 


Furr Rose Gold Lash Curler – Full Size
I wasnt sure about getting this but now its here I quite like it. I’m not all that fussed about my lashes I have quite longish ones anyway and I don’t like to wear false ones as I wear glasses and cant feel them touching them when I blink. It has a unique cruve, fits all eye shapes and effortlessly lifts your lashes. Says in the book let to clam your lashes for about 10seconds to get that longer and curlier looking lashes. I have used this, quite like it to be honest I was a littler nervous about using this if I’m honest always thought my lashes would fall off haha. This usually retails at around £15


Bang Beauty Felt Eyeliner Pen – Full Size 

This liquid eyeliner is waterproof and is quick dry that will stay on all day. It has a thin precise maker like tip makes it easier for it to glide on effortlessly without skipping, smudging or pulling. Its really easy to apply I’m not usually a liquid eyeliner fan but I quite like this. This is full size and usually retails at around £15.75


Beauty Pro Eye Therapy – deluxe Mini 

I have tired this, I usually cant tell the difference when I have used them but I did with this one. I haven’t been very well over the past few days I hurt my neck and have had a really bad migraine so my sleep hasn’t been great. My eyes looked puffy a tired, thought I would give this a try. You can use these before you go out for the night to get rid of the fine lines or the next morning to get rid of the puffy eyes. Works great after I used it all eyes looked less puffy and made me feel a little better. As they are a cooling mask it awakens your eyes, is rich in anti inflammatory with green tea extracts and hydrating aloe Vera. Just leave them on for around 20mintues. This size usually retails at around £1.75 and full size retails at around £4.95 *Stock photo showing as I forgot to take a picture before I used it I was to excited lol sorry* s-l640

I’m really happy with this months box only one thing I cant use this month. I saw yesterday that this box has now SOLD OUT this month but you can still subscribe to get Septembers month. Sneak peek for next month is ‘Delicious Beauty’ exfoliate and glow. 

If you would like to subscribe you can get 20% off your next box by clicking this link

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Thank you for reading and hope you have a great day. 

Much Love Lizxx 

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