Personalised Item’s

Happiness Is A Gift


Olly & Matilda where lucky enough to be offered some personalised bags to use and review. I was contacted by a company to see if I would like to review their product’s, I did take me a while to chose something but ended up going with their bags. Matilda is so excited to use her bag for school, I think Olly is too even though he doesn’t really show it. I asked Olly what he likes about his bag, his reply was its cool. He also likes that his name is on it and that he wot get it confused with anyone in his class and is hoping it last all the school year unlike his last bag. Matilda loves her rainbow and the fact that its quite a bright pink colour which is her favourite colour. I asked her what she thought and her reply was amazing with a little jump.

They are very good sized bags and can fit quite a lot of items in them so will be great for school. They also have a good sized front pocket that would do for little bits and bob. I will more than likely end up putting spare gloves etc in there during the winter as my two love to lose one glove lol. We are going back to my mums in a few weeks for the weekend and these are perfect for a few weekend toys to go to nanny’s with. They have been playing with them since we got them a few weeks ago and are really happy with them. I couldn’t recommend these bags enough. They also have different designs that you can chose from which is good if you wanted to get a bag from this company.

They bags seem that they are made well and can hold up a lot of weight, Matilda decided to pack her bag with the most heavy toys she owns so I know that they are good which is perfect as we have to walk to and from school. The straps are thick to help with the weight and are adjustable. Double zipped which I find on children’s bag are good. Prints on the front of them are done really well and don’t look like they will peel off easy, when you bend them they don’t crack like some prints do.

The inside of the bag is wipe clean, I love bags like this just in case a water bottle spills or they don’t do their lunch box up very well and food goes everywhere. Yes my kids have done both of them more than once. I’m very pleased with these bags and I cant wait for them to start using them. Will update on my Instagram when school starts.

Happiness is a gift, is the company that was lovely enough to gift these to us. They have lots of different items from mothers day to Christmas, their customer service is amazing so friendly and kind. If you have a problem with your item they are really helpful in helping resolve the issue. If your going to a wedding , birthday party or just want to send a lovely personalised gift to someone then this is the company to use. They usually have your items ready within 4 days then its shipped through royal mail.Ā  You can check out there items on their website.


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