Scruff-a-Luvs Family Review



I got a request from Tryit to test this toy out for Matilda. I didnt tell her that she was getting them. Sometimes I feel bad when I get stuff for her and not Olly hopefully one day I will get something for him to review. He does get other things to review he is just happy with anything to be honest such a sweetie. I cant help what I get asked to review, If your a tryit member then you will know its luck of the draw to what you get.


This came this week and she was so excited to try it out. As its a family one you either get a dog family or a cat family, either twins or triplets. We got cats with twins, comes all scrunched up in a ball and you have to wash it to find out what it is and if the mummy is hugging twins or rare triplets. When we washed it we used shampoo as it was a little matted. One girl twin and one boy twin, you find out what they are by warming up their little love heart on their belly’s. She was happy when she found out. At the moment they don’t have names she just calles them kitties haha bless her.


They come with little surprises, we got a brush, collar for mummy, bottle for the kittens which has a banana on the bottle so Matilda likes to tell them they are drinking banana milkshake and that its good for them. Little jackets for the kittens, some family stickers and a little certificate to find out when Mums birthday is.Ā  Matilda loves cats so is very happy with these. I remember she wanted one for her birthday but by the time she had told us we had everything for her and they where all out of stock.


There is another good thing about buying the family’s, for every Scruff-a-Luvs family adopted, Scruff-a-Luvs will donate part of the proceeds to the RSPCA to help real animals find their furever homes, which is great so some of them money goes to a really good cause.

Hope you have enjoyed reading

Much Love Lizxx

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