Schools Out For Summer….



6 whole weeks of not doing the school run, the joys lol I sometimes hate doing the school run but it has to be done. Been a while since i’ve wrote about life, sorry about that I’ve had quite a lot going on now I will have more with both of the kiddies home but I’m looking forward to spending some good quilty mummy and kiddie time. Havent got much planned at the moment but just going to take each day as it comes.

Had a busy few weeks with lots of different things. The kids have had a few school things going on. They did a whole school production last week called “Plastic Pirates”, they have been doing a topic at school called Plastic is not fanstic and how to try and reduce the use of plastic, Olly has really taken it on, has been telling us all about how plastic is bad and what harm it does to sealife and other animals. Was quite a eye opener when watching their play so now we are recycling really well (I did anyway) he has been making sure then I’m doing it right. He has asked me to look at what else we can do to help the planet. Which for a 7year old is really good. In the play Olly was part of the sea and Matilda was a little pirate. Couldn’t get any photos though as you could take them but wasn’t allowed to upload then online and I found it hard to get them without any other children in.


Matilda had a party on Sunday was her best friends. Was really good bouncy castle and loads of other actives in the lesuire center hall. I didn’t realise that you could rent out half the hall and have party’s init. Matilda was telling me that it was a swimming party, started to panic thinking I haven’t got her a swimming costume that fits, but thankfully it wasn’t. She has loads of fun with all here friends.

I am a little worried about Matilda and the summer holidays, a few weeks ago she didnt really understand that she couldn’t go to school for so long and that when she goes back that she wouldn’t have Miss S anymore and that she will be having Mrs R but we sat down last night and spoke to her about it all and she seems to understand more which is great. Olly is so happy that its the holidays and doesn’t have to go to school, he is looking forward the the next school year though as he has Miss S and he loves her. I was really worried about him going into the next year as he has been struggling a bit this year but all my worries went away when I found out that he has Miss S. All the parents in his year are also so happy. Miss S is so nice as a teacher, Olly has had her before when he first started this school and she really helped him loads.

They both came out of school quite happy to be honest, thought Matilda would be really sad as she was on the way to school this morning about it being her last day with Miss S and Mrs F  (Mrs F is the class TA) she is really nice to. They got given little gifts from their teachers, Matilda got some sweeties she was happy with them and she also came out with the cutest picture. They do a picture of them it says what they would like to be when they grow up, Matilda wants to be a teacher she looks so grown up init. Olly got a lovely rubber pencil and little note book from his teacher, he loves it also appeared with some exercise books from reception where have they been hiding them haha.


Well that’s all for now there will probably be loads of summer updates. Hope everyone has a lovely summer if you have children or not…. if you have children and need to chat lol my inbox is always open us parent need to stick together….

Much Love Lizxx

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