How To Rent Oxygen For Traveling


Traveling With Oxygen

The Oxygen Store is a company that does portable static oxygen concentrator. You can rent them and take them on holiday but there are rules that you need to go by before you can rent one and take it away with you. Many different ones they hire out from portable to static. They can be battery, DC and mains operated pulse dose and constant flow oxygen concentrators available to hire to suit your needs.

The ones that are for hire are as followed

Portable oxygen concentrator 

  • Sequal Eclipse 5¬†
  • GCE Zen-O
  • Inogen Onee G2
  • Inogen One G3¬†


Static Oxygen Concentrators 

  • Airsep Visionaire 5¬†
  • Devilbiss Compact 525¬†

*Subject to availability 


As I stated above there are requirements that need to be meet before you can travel with one of these portable concentrators. You or someone that you know needs to be under medial supervision and have approval from their Doctor or GP to travel but you may already have a Fit to Fly Test which can also called an Hypoxic Challenge test completed by your Respiratory Nurse. You/they will also need to know the LMP which is the flow that will have been prescribed by your doctor or GP. The company will need to know if you need a constant flow or portable concentrator.

If you are going to be flying with a Concentrator then the company will ask you how long the flight will be for, you will need to tell the company the LMP which is litres per minute that you are prescribed,  you will also need to think about the delays or hold ups you may inquire at the airport and calculate the battery life and how long that the concentrator will last , also think about the possibility of any additional batteries you will need for your travels. Most Airlines will require that you have a minimum of 150% of battery life for your flight that you are on. All of their portable oxygen concentrators and batteries are FAA approved, so if your going on a cruise ship holiday you will have no problems using them and be the same if you are traveling with an airline.

Having an oxygen concentrator all the time is hard enough with out the worry of traveling aboard especially when you would love to travel aboard as in the UK it can be hard because having an NHS oxygen concentrator means that you cant take them out of the country but renting one from The Oxygen store and Traveling with Oxygen will make it so much easier on you and people that you are traveling with. The delivery of the oxygen concentrator usually takes around 2-3 working days before you travel, this differs when it is an emergency. They can deliver to your home address or your designated hotel so the concentrator is there for when you need it and there is no last minute panics. This also insures that you have time with the concentrator and get familiar with it, know all the settings and to make sure that all the battery’s are fully charge before you leave for your travels it also gives them time to make sure that you are fully happy with the tubing, cannula and everything else and if you need to be sent out additional items.
When you book your rental the company will ask you to rent it an extra 1-2 days after you return from your holiday, so that you don’t have to worry about returning it straight away and you can relax. This is also in case there are any delays on traveling back like delayed flights etc. Before the concentrator is shipped to your desired location it will be fully sterilised and checked to make sure that its fully operational. They also send new tubes, masks and cannulas with every concentrator that is hired. They also have a price guarantee so if you find a product like theirs but cheaper then they promise to match the price or even better beat it. If your wanting to travel aboard this summer then I fully suggest trying this company out.

Have a fabulous holiday and a wonderful summer.



*This is a sponsored post*

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