Glossybox July 2019

Holiday Haul


This months glossybox is all about summer vibes. This box is great for your summer getaways or mini weekend ends away, weither your jetting off to sunny spain or staying in a camper van in sunny England or even a festival.

The little pink box is is filled with 3 travel size samples and 2 full size items. Here is what is in this months box.

  • Omorovicza Cleansing Foam¬†
  • Palmer’s Natural Bonze Body Lotion¬†
  • Moroccanoil Treatment¬†
  • Manna Kadar Cosmetics Bloom Mascara¬†
  • Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Peel Off Face Mask¬†



Omorovicza Cleansing Foam 

I like the feel of this on my face and makes my face feel nice and smooth but I didnt really like the smell of it. Now I can be quite funny with what I put on my face, I cant think of what it smells like but I’m not sure haha. Its great for travel as its only 30ml so fits in your wash bag perfect. It removes make-up and impurities but it also energises and revitalises your skin perfect after you have spent the day in the sun. Travel size at 30ml retails at around ¬£18 full size which is 150ml retails around ¬£52



Palmer’s Natural Bronze Body Lotion¬†

I like a lotion that tints your skin, I don’t travel much and when I am in the sun my face just burns, peels then I’m pale again. You apply this once a day to gradually build your tan over a few days but always rememeber to wash your hands after use. I’m a little unsure if you wash it off haha I always cleanse my skin at night. Palmers I think do very good products I used their creams when I was pregnant with O & M. I have used this only once so I will continue to use it just to see how it goes. This has no harsh chemicals, mineral oil, parabens, dyes and phthalates. This travel size which is 20ml retails at around ¬£2.49 and full size which is 250ml is around ¬£5.99



Moroccanoil Treatment 

Never used anything like this before I’ve always used a hair mask. I washed my hair today and let it dry a little before I put this on. I was quite surprised that it didnt feel really oily like I thought it would be. When you put it on dam hair apparently you are meant to blow dry but I don’t have time for that at 7.30am while yelling at the kids to please get your clothes on you cant go to school in just your underwear and shoes…. mum life haha. Next time I use it I will blow dry. This helps protect your hair and repair your hair. Also you can apply to dry hair to tame your frizz which is great too. This is great for all hair types Travel size which is 25ml retails at around ¬£13.45 and full size 100ml is around ¬£31.85



Manna Kadar Cosmetics Bloom Mascara 

I haven’t tired this yet as I have about 6millions mascaras lol. I’ve seen on Instagram other peoples amazing photos, a lot of people have said it is great. It has a cutting edge wand with ultra-dense bristles, this mascara will give you longer and fuller looking eye lashes. it has a hydrating formula ensures a clump and flake-free finish. This is a full size mascara and retails at around ¬£13.



Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Peel Off Mask 

Infused with soothing tea tree oil and calming witch hazel. I have used this did it today before I went and got M from school. I’m terrible putting on a mask I really should get a mask brush, I did what it says and let it dry for 10-15mintues and peel off. Peels off really good but I never seem to see the difference in my face when I do a face mask, I think if I had gotten the charcoal one then I think I would see the difference, I’m better with them kind of ones than the peel off normal ones. Still good though made my skin feel smooth and soft. Travel sizes which are 10ml retail at ¬£1 and full sizes 50ml retail between ¬£3.50-¬£4 depending on which one you like.



If you would like to try this box then you can here, get 20% off your first box which is about £8 plus the p&p and if you subscribe today then you get a FREE Glossybox make-up bag

That’s all for now thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed reading.

Much Love Lizxx



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