School’s Nearly Over…


Wow cant believe that the kids break up from school in just under 3 weeks for the summer. Where has this school year gone?!! only feel like yesterday that I was getting worried bout Matilda starting school for the first time, now im worried about her going into year one!! Olly starts year 3 he is excited about going into year 3 to be honest I think he ready for the change.

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Found out today which teachers they have next year. Their school like to change it up quite a lot sometimes. We get a text message from the school to say who they have and what their year group will be. They have house colours to but they never change through their school year which is good so they will always have the same colour P.E kit. Got Olly’s text before DaddyOverload went to work. I was surprised who he has but happy too, He has Miss S who he had when he started that school in recepetion and who Matilda has now and Matilda has Mrs R for year 1 who Olly has now in year 2. Same teachers different child and year. I was a little worried about what Matilda was thinking when she found out that she had Mrs R I think she thought that she was going to get Mrs E who Olly had last year but she came running out of school and was so happy saying “mummy mummy I have Mrs R next year” she was so happy so I was worrying over nothing as I usually do.


We haven’t got anything planned this summer so I have no idea what we will doing. Unsure if DaddyOverload is booking any holiday off would be nice to have him for a few days so I don’t feel like I’m slowly going made. We have a soft play centre near us which we will go to sometimes, if the weather is nice then we will go to the country park, hasn’t long be done up with all new play equipment. I’m hoping to either go down to see my mum or she will hopefully come up here. Going to buy myself a swimming costume and the kids new ones to so we can go swimming. Will take one day at a time and just hopefully they wont make me go to grey or be rocking in the corner one day when DaddyOverload gets home from work.


We aren’t going on holiday this summer, with DaddyOverload learning to drive and trying to save for a car we thought that we would go next year instead when he has a car and driving be so much easier. We went for a long weekend in brighton last summer. Our first little holiday as a family and it was wicked we had so much fun their and stay in a hotel, the kids loved it.

Have you got many plans this summer? going anywhere nice?

That’s all from me for now, thank you for reading.

Much love Lizxx

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