Kooties Review


Kooties is a company that make fun coveralls for your children. If your kids like to ge dirty and you hate washing clothes all the time then these coveralls are just what you need. They do all different ones police, fireman, construction worker and paramedic. They do for early years and even do party packs. They where looking for bloggers to review one and I couldn’t miss the chance to try one and see what they where like.

They where kind enough to send us a paramedic one. Fits Matilda and only just about fits Oliver. They have been sharing this and they have enjoyed it too. These aren’t washable so when you have finished with it you just throw it away, you can get rid of them in textile recycling which is good then they don’t end up on a landfill somewhere. They are made from recycled plastic and their current recycle rate stands at 25% but they are hoping to be 100% recyclable in the next two years. I really like companies like this that like to try and be more recyclable as they can. I try and recycle as much as possible and I do all the food bin. I always think about how the earth will be in a few years when are kids get older.



We have had fun with this coverall done some dinosaur digging ( might be thinking what?) a few Christmas’s ago Olly got some blocks of clay that you dig and get dinosaur bones and make dinosaurs. Even though he is nearly 8 he still loves dinosaur which is great they are epic. He gets really messy when digging for dino bones so when he usually asks I always tell him to put old clothes on as sometimes the dust can be hard to get off clothes, I went to tell him to put his “digging” clothes on then I shout wait no put this on. His face lit up when I pulled the coverall out. I forgot we had this mummy he said in excitement, then said look Tild I’m a dinosaur paramedic haha bless his heart. He got very messy but I didn’t care as he had his Kooties coverall on. Perfect!



Matilda had a fab time wearing this too, she painted in it and was very happy as she worries when she paint. We use paint pens as she fines them easier to use, with her being left handed she gets annoyed that sometimes she gets paint on her hands and arms but she painted with no care in the world. When she finished she said ooo look mummy I have paint on me but I told her not to worry as that what the coverall was for so she didn’t have to worry about getting messy in her own clothes.



Saturday was mega hot here where we live and she wanted to go to the park in the coverall but it was just a little too hot for both of them and myself to go to the park. We all suffer badly from heat stroke. Gave her an option to go out the back, we live in flats so have a shared garden and when we moved in there was a trampoline in the garden and a few slides. We went out into the garden and she played on the trampoline and slides with out worrying about getting dirty, not that she worries much anyway haha. She was so happy playing in the garden with the coverall on. When we where coming back in we saw some friends from school and they all where like wow what are you wearing so she said mummy got this for us to review told their mummy where you can get them from and said that I would send her all the information about them and what coveralls Kooties do. Their mum thought these where are fab idea for all different things. So fingers crossed she makes an order for the company.



So if your children like to get messy then these are the thing for you. Doesn’t matter if they get really muddy or dirty as they will be wearing one of these. Please do go and check them out. Here is there website, Instagram, Facebook and twitter, pop over check them out ad give them a follow, these are a massive hit with my kids so thank you Kooties for letting us try this coverall out and review for you. 10/10 from the Overloads…

That’s all from me thank you for reading and don’t forget to visit the links.

Much Love Lizxx

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