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Shampoo & Hand wash Review 




Few weeks ago I got some lovely hand wash and shampoo from a lovely company. There’s nothing better than trying and reviewing hand wash and shampoo. I clean my hair quite a lot every 2days of I leave it any longer then its all horrible and itchy. I’m really funny on what shampoo I use ive been using other shampoo for years as it makes me hair feel clean for a while and doesn’t give me dandruff.

The shampoo is great smells amazing and makes my hair feel smooth and moisturised. I usually use a hair mask too when I wash my hair but I haven’t on this. It doesn’t make my hair feel like straw and stiff, that’s why I used a lot of hair mask. I don’t like my hair feeling old and horrible. This shampoo cleanse and keeps my hair looking and feeling a lot more healthy then using my other shampoo. I’ve also notice them its not so limp any more and seems to have quite a bit of volume in it.



My hair is coloured and I always have the fear that some shampoo with strip my colour off, but this hasn’t its still as coloured as it was before I started using it. Its a 350ml bottle and you don’t need a lot when washing your hair. If you have dry or/and damaged hair from colouring and ironing it then this is defiantly the shampoo I would recommend. Its £7.85 per bottle but its amazing and worth every penny. I will continue to use this and buy it again. You can buy this shampoo here

Hand wash smells really nice. Matilda loves hand wash she even says that its great and makes her skin feel smooth. I have to be careful with what I use with Matilda she has really bad eczema so if we use the wrong thing on her skin then she will be in pain for a week and its not very nice. When she started using this I told her just to use a tiny bit but it was fine and she uses it all the time. The whole family have used it, Olly and DaddyOverload have both said it smells nice and makes there hands feel great.


Its for all skin types so I think that’s why it works great for Matilda. Moisturises to which is awesome, sometimes I suffer from dry skin in between my fingers but I haven’t noticed any since I’ve been using this wash. Its free from artificial colours, dyes and parabens. Its £6.01 for 245ml. If you suffer from dry skin or just want a hand wash that is nice then this is the one for you. You can buy this hand wash here.

My overall review on these products is that they are great. Has been a while since I’ve had nice hand wash to review and shampoo to review that I’ve actually enjoyed using. These products are not tested on animals, BPA free, recyclable packaging, gray water approved and biodegradable formula. Sometimes it had can be hard to find items that are not tested on animals. I prefer using these kind of products and I love when you find them at a good price. Don’t for get to pop over using the links in my blog and having a look at these items. There are many more items on their website that might be good for you.

That’s all for now hope you have enjoyed reading my review.

Much Love Lizxx

* If anyone wants recommendations or has specific questions about products to reach directly out to me (Angelica) by Texting 1(518)620-1933
Or emailing

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