June 2019 Freebies


Hello. Quite this month but I have had a few things in the post. There is one item that I cant wait to tell you about if you follow me on Instagram then you might have an idea, it wasn’t free but still a good bargain…. how has everyone been this month? Bit up and down for me weird month. Was talking to DaddyOverload this morning about money and I couldn’t believe that in a 4 weeks it will be the summer holidays for the kids…Where has this school year gone. Matilda is going into year 1 and Oliver will be going into year 3. This is the time of year where I usually start shouting at them STOP GROWING UP! haha

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Anyway enough talking lets get back to freebies. Like I said been a quite month for me, haven’t really done much but I will be back on for July. Got some Max Factor Primer and mascara from Tryit but to be honest I have no idea if you can buy them as I cant seem to find them anywhere online. I like to see how much they are worth as I track what I get and see how much I would have saved over the month if I was to buy this stuff. Also got a Rimmel Radiance brick from Tryit too. I’m a member of JD Williams and sometimes they put up little freebies on their rewards page and I got a free Rimmel Mascara. I have enough mascara now to last me a life time lol (only kidding) I reviewed 2 face masks for 7th heaven they where really good but I did find one hard to peel off. 

I haven’t uploaded everything this month to social media like I said haven’t really been on it this month but we all get days/weeks/months like that. I don’t know if you known but in September DaddyOverload and myself are off to friends fest 2019 we are going back to our home town of Milton Keynes for this event, its there first year its ever been to MK and its the 25th anniversary so its even better. I have been looking for a top that I could wear something that someone else has made kind of thing. I found this lovely company that was willing to send me a top for free so I got a C.R.A.P.B.A.G top. If you watch friends then you will know all about crap bag if you don’t watch friends then there is something wrong and you should start watching. I also got some socks from New Look too. They where meant to be 3 pairs for £6 but they scanned at £1 each so even better. They do friends Knickers so they are next on my list haha.

Got a free tin of paint from Dulux, there was a post in a group I’m in… will see if I can post a link to it, unsure if I can but will ask. Its Diamond eggshell brilliant white 2.5L so its good. Always good to have paint around the house. DaddyOverload likes to paint a lot. We are thinking about re doing our living room soon. When we will do I will be blogging at lot about it. Decorating is so fun. Anyway….lol Got a send me a sample curry pot noodle free I do not like this one I thought it was a different flavour but nope don’t like it, no offence to anyone that does like it, just isn’t for me. 

Received some shampoo and hand wash to review, my post for these will be posted soon. They are great and at a good price but I wont say to much as I don’t want to spoil my review. Also got a Kooties suit from Kooties again I wont say much about these as I’m half way through my review for these too. Did another refer your friends thing and get some foundation had to pay £1.99 for postage its quite a good one and full coverage but I got the wrong shade. 

Won a twitter comp back in may think I added it to my May freebie one. It was with Aqua beads, won a unicorn set. Matilda is very happy with that at the moment we have only made 2 all about Barbie’s at the moment but I’m glad she likes my win. Got A Tea Rex top from monthly tee you can get a free one too and just pay £1.99 p&p use this link and enter FREEBIE at the checkout. Don’t know if your remember I posted a link for a new company called WILD they do D-O managed to get a free travel size D-O for people signing up through my link so if you did thank you and I hope you managed to get on too. Won a competition on Instagram, my first ever win on there I find them hard to win as some many enter them it was with a follow freebie hunter called Hunterofglitches, she is really good at what she does pop over and give her a follow. Had an email today from Glamour Beauty Club saying that I will be getting a lipstick sample through the post which is good. I’m good at getting free make up should become a full time beauty blogger hehe.

That’s all for freebies this month. I do what to tell you about something though why you are here, its a product I did pay for these but they are amazing. Company called Mood Pants, now if you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t click on my profile on the side and give me a follow so you don’t miss anything) they you might have watched my video I did on my story. I very rarely do videos as I don’t like my voice and I think I sound stupid but I like doing them when I get excited about something this time was about Knicker. Now I don’t see why people get shy about talking about them everyone wears them hehe. So as you can tell from their name they make knickers, not just any knicker. MOOD knickers. They are brilliant. I got lovely yellow ones (my fav colour) always hungry they are called, they do unicorn, horny, grumpy etc. They all retails at £9.99 per pair but they are fab for the price. Mega soft and comfy. It you sign up to there newsletter you will get a code for 15% off so you can grab your first pair for only £8.49 and its free postage but they have some fab deals on at the moment check out there website here. Instagram and Facebook.


That’s all for now hope you have enjoyed reading.

Much Love Lizxx 

Phase Eight

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