Scoliosis Awareness Month..



Don’t know if you knew but June is scoliosis awareness month. I suffer from Left Lumbar scoliosis. Which is a curve to the left of your back so my spine curves at the bottom to the left I so lean more to that side then I do my right. My right hip is higher then my left hip, so if I’m having a bad day which lately is quite a lot then I limp sometimes people notice and sometimes people don’t think it all depends how bad my limp is.


I wasn’t born with scoliosis, it happened as I’ve grown up. I use to dance a lot and I cant so much now, sometimes I feel like I’m really old. I don’t moan that much about it and I don’t really tell people until know. I’ve seen a lot of people over the last few weeks talking about how they live with it etc. I just think wow your so brave so I thought I would open up about how I live it with. I didn’t realise I had a problem till I was pregnant with Olly. I noticed really bad shoulder and neck pain but I just put it down to being pregnant. Didn’t really notice really bad back till I was pregnant with Matilda.

I started struggling to walk and my birth with her was so painful, because I had left it so late to go to the hospital I was to far in labour for any pain relief I couldn’t even have gas and air. I really hated the midwife but because I had no idea I had scoliosis. Wasn’t till December 2017 I had had enough and decided to finally give in a go to the doctors. As soon as she saw me she said I had it. Ive also got sciatica as well which really doesn’t help and makes my legs give way even more. My hip like to dislocate sometimes as well but that very rare last time was last year and we where walking to school and Olly had to kick my hip to get it back in, I cried as it hurts more going back in then it does popping out he thought he had hurt me and cried to bless him. I hate asking him toc do stuff like that but because I know he will more than Matilda would. He does a lot for me bless him.


I have found another blogger that has scoliosis too and she has kindly let me share her story about how she lives with it. I will be adding links to her blog and social’s so please show her some love.

My name is Sarah and i am 35 years old. I live in the UK. I was born with a spinal condition/disability called Scoliosis. Not as many people know what Scoliosis is as they do about other conditions or disabilities. The type of Scoliosis i have is called Kyphoscoliosis. Scoliosis is a curve of the spine. It can affect people in other ways such as their lungs, the heart and other organs.

This is my Scoliosis story. I was born with it. I wore a corset brace for a while, when I was at school. After a while I didn’t need to wear it anymore. Years a go, a doctor said it would be too dangerous for me to have surgery so I didn’t have it. I am short in stature for my age because of Scoliosis. I can walk but when I go out I use a wheelchair (one that someone pushes me in) because I get tired walking. Every 4 or 8 months, (depends if my results are good) I have lung function appointments at a hospital.

One of my interests is makeup. I like doing makeup looks for going out and a hobby. I share my makeup looks on my Instagram, I also have a twitter and a blog.Β 



If you have scoliosis remember your bent not broken and your a warrior we all are!!!

That’s all for now thank you reading.

Much Love Lizxx

2 thoughts on “Scoliosis Awareness Month..

  1. Twisted Tracey says:

    Hi, thank you for sharing. I’m new to WordPress and stumbled on your blog because I have kyphoscoliosis like Sarah. I also have diastematomyelia (split cord malformation), tethered cord syndrome and fatty filum terminale. It seems we’re all scoliosis warriors! πŸ™‚ Take care, Tracey.

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