A little catch up….



Has been a while since I’ve done a little catch up, sorry about that May was like a mega busy month but also a bitter sweet month. Birthdays and anniversary’s of many sorts. How has everyone been??… I’m currently writing this as I’m waiting for killing eve season 2 to start. I didn’t realise it was starting tonight I don’t really watch live telly that much I either record everything or watch Netflix. I find live telly can be boring sometimes or they repeat a lot. So I saw it and screamed at DaddyOverload, grabbed my phone and started ringing my mum while skipping round the living room, signing answer your phone answer your phone, but apparently she already new and tagged me in a post on facebook last week… well I did not get that tag thanks facebook. I feel like I was the last to know that it was back… Does anyone else watch it? So excited!!

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Back to May, I turned 30 last month if you haven’t been following me that long you might have missed my post’s about my birthday but you can read about Saying Goodbye to my 20’s here and a little bit about turning 30 here. I was kind of dreading it but it not as bad as everyone makes out. I did randomly start laughing a few weeks ago and was like s**t I’m thirty now haha. It was also mine and DaddyOverload’s anniversary have been together 12 years, he can annoy the hell out of me but I do love him quite a lot. Matilda turned 5 as well, really cant believe my baby girl is 5. She keeps going round telling everyone “I’m 5 now” she had a pretty good day got lots a Barbie’s. We went out for lunch the Saturday after her birthday which she really liked too. There is a sad few days this month was the anniversary of my father in law passing away so that’s what I mean by a bittersweet month. Good days and sad days.

Today Olly asked me what the scariest thing I’ve ever done was, have no idea where this question came from I think he had seen it on a programme that he was watching, I don’t think he expected the answer I gave thought. I replied with moving away from my home town. That was terrifying moving far away from my mum and knowing she isn’t 20mintues walk from me anymore, about 45mins in the car I think, but then its the best thing we have done as a family. We wouldn’t be where we are today and who we are today I wouldn’t be blogging I know that I dread to think what life I would be leading if we didn’t move.. Olly was like wow mummy good answer I said what’s yours?.. he said his accident that he had last summer which left him in hospital over night ( that’s for another day I don’t like talking about it but he was and is 100% fine)

Just watched killing eve I love it and missed it, now currently sitting here watching the rest… this blog post may not get finished till tomorrow lol. If you haven’t watched it then I would watch it. You can still watch season 1 on BBC iPlayer. Watch it, watch it, watch it lol.


Was half term the last week of may (when Matilda’s birthday was) didn’t really do much as most of there friends go to childminders of school holiday clubs, we did meet up with one my friends and her children they live down the road from us and went to the park… Matilda got hurt a lot so we came home. She fell out of the swing, forwards I managed to catch her before an serious damaged happened and she banged her head a few times of the climbing frame, think after the 3rd time I was like nope lets go. Olly was really happy he got a bargain from the charity shop in the week, he’s a massive fan of avengers so he found Iron man (makes to much noise lol) hulk and war machine and got the for under £10 he is so happy. They where really good for me which was surprising considering we didn’t really do much.


I ended up binge watching killing eve and then falling asleep so its the next day (Sunday) I though this would happen but I started writing anyway nothing like a 2 day blog post because of TV. I wrote on my Facebook that I was watching killing eve and a friend commented saying they haven’t watched season 1 yet….what??…where have you been?… I told them to watch it its a MUST!! Don’t have many plans today, as a family we don’t really do much on a Sunday. DaddyOverload has his driving lessons on Sunday’s so we just do nothing and chill. Olly’s watching horrid henry and Matilda is playing… DaddyOverload is sleeping, I let him sleep on a Sunday morning so I can get some work done haha he’s so lucky. DaddyOverload brought a Rubik’s cube about a week ago and has been trying it solve it all week, he’s been on late’s this week so hasn’t really done it, while I was watching killing eve last night I could hear him in the living room swearing at it as he couldn’t get it to go right, but he have woke up this morning and it has managed to solve it. Kids where really excited for him bless them.

Think I rambled on for long enough now plus I have a 5 year old bugging me to play Barbie’s…

Hope everyone has/had a lovely weekend and a wonderful May. Hope June brings you lots of Joy.

Much Love Lizxx


2 thoughts on “A little catch up….

  1. I discovered Killing Eve a little late, so I was able to sit down and binge watch. Now, however, I find myself impatiently chomping at the bit waiting for more hahaha!
    Happy Belated Birthday!


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