May 2019 Freebie’s


2019-06-05 (1)

Hello, sorry its a few days late I’ve been so busy with half term, Matilda’s birthday and I’m a little behind on work with the blog.

Had quite a good month with freebie and comp wins. I got quite a few invite’s from Tryit Sampling, its not open for new members at the moment but keep checking there’s a link here for you too have a look and bookmark.

Please note there are affiliate links in this post. 

They are just a few invites I got, all together in may I got 3 Mark Hill hair products, Fuzzikins bedtime bunnies, Hellmann’s big night in pizza sauce, Nescafe decaf cappuccino, New York bakery bagels, Clairol hair dye, ultimate lash boost primer, Braun thermoscan, Oken naked yogurt and 3 Bourjois make up products. As you see quite a lot. Still waiting on the bagel and yogurt vouchers but tryit do state that products can take up to 6 weeks to get them.

Get First Birchbox £5

I have only been with tryit since end of march 2019 so may was a really good month for me as only got 1 item in April. can take a while to get onto tryit but if you follow my facebook, Instagram or twitter then I will more than likely put a post up when they open their member list.

I also got some lovely free prints from a company called Beauty and Bentley, she has some amazing prints on her Esty shop and for great prices, if you use code MUMMYOVERLOAD at the checkout you will get 25% off your print. You can get many different prints, personalised, blogging, girl boss, girl power, positive quotes etc. The print above with the make up is from her shop and if you have read my GlossyBox & Birchbox review plus if you follow me on social media you would have seen them on there too.


I won a comp on twitter for Aqua beads, Matilda loves them because you can make unicorns from them so far we have made 2 but I bet she will ask when she gets home from school if she can make some more. Also got a trail from first beauty, which is for some face cream was good cream but not something I would use again to be honest you can sign up to there panel here, also got some shampoo from Noughty UK again on there review panel I’m unsure if its open but again you can keep checking here. Also got some free lavender which I have no worked out that they where from JD Williams but I gave them to my mum as I don’t have a garden. Plus gave her the blonde colour bomb so post sample I got.

Got selected for 2 mumsnet product test’s too. One was for flora butter, I get flora buttery but this one was for original flora its a good butter but I like the buttery one better. I also got to review a website call Smartick, its a maths website to help children age 4-14 but I will be doing a full blog post on this next week and will go into more.

Also had some other little skin care little perfume wipes in the post too. Got a really good game from Jacques London, its a little box but the lid is a white board and a chalk board. It has magnetic letters and shapes that you can stick on the white board and make pictures, you also get chalk for the chalk board and a white pen for the white board. My 2 love this and I think its really good. It wasn’t free but only got it for a few ££ from amazon they gave me a money off code to buy it.

Few months ago I got a voucher from P&G for £9 and I got some vouchers from Unilever for £10 so I spent my p&g and £5 Unilever voucher and got some butter bleach and washing powder for free. Still have a £5 voucher left to use. Waiting to all cleaning stuff runs out to use it. I got accepted to Scan and shop this month too, for anyone that doesn’t know what that is, you get points that you can turn into rewards for your shopping. They send you a little scanner that you scan your shopping with it doesn’t have to be a massive shop it can just be a pint of milk. Make sure you keep your receipts though as you get an extra 500 points for them.

Linziclip sent me some amazing clips to review you can catch my review here. They are amazing and better than normal crocodile clips, they don’t stab you in the head. Matilda loves them and likes doing her hair a little bit more and gets excited about them.

JD Williams do some pretty good offers if you have an account with them, this month I go some Make up brushes from them, ive also had a few things from them over the months. I had some vouchers from Birchbox for referring friends and I managed to get a few things when they had free delivery so they where 100% free, I got a eyeshadow brush and its so soft, I got some charcoal face wipes they are great ill will be buying more. I always wanted one if them egg shaped sponges so I got one of them but to be honest not as great as I thought that would be. I also got a free tote bag from Gift From The Gods.

Well that’s all for may june is going a bit slow haven’t really done much to kick June off.

Hope everyone has a wicked good June. Thank for reading

Much Love Liz xx


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