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Matilda was sent some Child’s Farm products a few good months ago, thought we would use them for a while give them a proper chance before I reviewed them. Matilda suffers quite badly with Eczema on her legs and behind her knees. She used to have it all over her face when she was a baby. People use to stare in the street at her as she used to scratch it a lot and it used to bleed.

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I contacted Child’s farm and asked them if they had any samples I could try on Matilda as her eczema had got really bad and her cream the doctor gave her wasn’t really doing much at the time. I had read something about the moisturising cream from them was really good for skin condition’s. I had explained what I do and they where happy to send me some items. Didn’t think they would be full size items. So we got the moisturising cream and body&hair wash.


We put the cream on Matilda a few times a week, mainly after she has had a bath as sometimes baths can really dry her skin out. I put it on all over her body but maily where are eczema is. At first I thought this isn’t going to work, that’s why I tired it for a good few weeks. Over time she moaned less about how sore her legs where and I noticed less blood on her bed, she itch so much in her sleep she would bleed. I didn’t want to jinx it so I didn’t say anything to her. She used the body wash a few times a week too and slowly realised that she could wash her hair with it so has been doing that in the shower quite a lot.

Behind Matilda’s knee’s before we started using child’s farm

As you can see from the picutes her leg’s where a little bad. Picture reallt doesn’t show how bad they where. They where bright red from where they had been annoying her in her sleep and she had been using soap that had annoyed it very much even though she had only used it once. We no longer by the brand now. They have flared up a few times in the months we have been using Child’s Farm only because of the weather suddenly changing or she has itched it in her sleep.

I noticed when I was using the cream on her legs, her face would change from the sore look to the omg that so much better look. I have asked her what if it felt better when I put the cream on she said yes after a while it stops stinging. Perfect that was what I was hoping for soothing it better when she only 5. Sometimes her little pain face breaks my heart its so hard seeing your own child suffer with something that us as parent have no control over.


Her legs after a few months of using the cream every other day. She has a little bit of scaring that is what the dark shade on her left leg is but we are very impressed with the results. We still use this as it doesn’t seem to be coming back so bad now plus she has mastered to do it herself even if she likes to smoother her legs with the cream which to be honest I really don’t mind.

I really do reccomened this cream not just for baby’s but for any skin condition try this, as you can see its really helped Matilda.

That’s all for now thank you for reading

Much Love Lizxx

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