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I got sent some lovely Linziclips last week to try and review. They are amazing. Matilda was so excited to help me review these, don’t think she has been so excited to sit still for so long while mummy plays with her hair. She isn’t a massive girly girl when it comes to her hair. She has quite long hair and just likes to wear it down a lot so I was quite surprised when she got excited about these and wanted me to do her hair. I got a little bit excited too.

I received quite a few lovely clips

  • 9 mini clips 
  • 4 Midi Clips

The colours of the clips are very nice. They are very easy to use and sit so nicely in your hair and the best part is the teeth are flat so they don’t dig into your head like a normal crocodile clip does,  Hidden springs as well you cant see them when they are in your hair.


I have been styling Matilda’s hair through the week since we have got them same with my hair but I’m not so good with my own hair as I am with other peoples.

I did quite a few styles with Matilda’s hair she has very fine hair so was a bit worried in case they just slid off but they where fine in her hair. She wore a few styles to school and kept them in too so that was good. The mini clip’s are just the perfect size. We did try and big clip in her hair but it just slid out. Before I got these id never heard of Linziclip, I read up on them, thought wow these are awesome I cant wait to try them.


There are 3 different size clips,

  • maxi which is for fine and thin hair,
  • Midi which is for medium and thicker hair types
  • Mini which are for all hair types.

They are a wide range of classic and fashionable colours to match with your clothes and accessories.

Their ranges include,

  • Gloss 
  • Matte
  • Crystals
  • Metallic
  • Patterned 

They can be worn in many different ways and you can create some amazing styles with these. You can wear them for everyday wear, gym, sports and nights out all different colours to go with your outfits.

  • Ponytails
  • Buns
  • Plaits 
  • High pony
  • Half up Half Down 

just to name a few.

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They also do a kids range and the colours are amazing, so bright and colourful. Prices start from around £4.50 upwards depending on what size and style you are looking for. Adults colours are just as good, I’ve been having a look on there website. I’m loving the animal print ones they have so on trend at the moment. They have floral colours, crystals and plain ones. Check out there website here 

Thank you for reading and I really do hope that you go and check them out.

Much Love Liz xx

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