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Apex stickers are a company that do stickers, they do all different ones, from unicorns to all around the world. Wall, phone, bottle & more stickers.ย  When I got asked to review a sticker I couldn’t say no. I chose a personalised unicorn for Matilda. When it arrive I showed her What I had got and she bugged me for days to put it up but because it’s quite a big wall sticker I wanted to wait for DaddyOverload to be home, but I ended up doing it myself anyway.

I did have a bit of a problem at first, I followed all the instructions but just couldn’t work out how to unstick it from the backing paper. I got help in the end and when I realised what I needed to do it was pretty easy. On the instructions that came with the sticker it said to apply the sticker with the paper still on to the wall by sticking it up with masking tape but I tired this and I couldn’t do it. The masking tape just kept unsticking and falling off the wall. Matilda just kept laughing and couldn’t help me from laughing so much, in the end, I put it on the floor and did it fine. I had to unstick the unicorn from the backing paper but keep it on the clear paper. Once I did that it was now time to put it on the wall and get it straight.

As you can see Matilda likes wall stickers

At this point Matilda is then shouting mummy’s done it she done everyone, thanks Tild I wanted the whole estate to know I can peel a sticker. We then stuck it on the wall by we I mean Matilda more. I have made a metal note if I do anything like this again I will do it when no-one is home.

You need to leave the sticker on the wall for about half hour before you peel it from the clear paper. My god that was the longest and most annoying half hour of the day, she wouldn’t leave me alone kept asking has it been half hour yet mummy….it had been about 5 minute’s. Finally it was time I have never been so nervous. I just kept singing out loud… ” You gotta have faith, faith, faith” haha but thankfully faith did pay of and it peeled off perfectly… I think its straight not sure when it came to Matilda sticking it so quickly. She is mega happy about this though. Shouted in excitement this has to be the best unicorn ever… bonus points for getting in purple too her favourite colour.

Her little happy face makes my heart melt


Apex Stickers is the place I will be going for all my wall stickers, I cant say enough how awesome this sticker is and how easy it was to put up (once I knew what I was doing haha) My son has his eye on the massive green hulk he has spotted…

So if you are looking for any stickers with amazing results Apex Stickers is the place to go ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for putting a massive smile on my baby’s face ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to visit there site

Much Love Liz & Matilda xx

4 thoughts on “Apex Stickers Review…

      1. Tbh I wouldn’t mind a hulk sticker as well, haha! We’ve already got a giant Joker print on our wall so it would fit right in!


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