Glossybox May 2019

My Review


Hello 🙂 I’ve had my glossybox since Monday and I thought I would really try this before I reviewed. This months box is great, 5 full size products. in this box there is….

  • Mudmasky – Aftermask Serum 
  • Annabelle Minerals – Rose Mineral Brush 
  • Beauty Kitchen – Natruline Natural Lip Treatment
  • Barry M Cosmetics – Contour Cream Kit 
  • Nail Berry – Love Me Tender Nail Polish 


Mudmasky – I’ve never heard of a aftermask serum, but I love this. I did a face mask and left it on over night as it says that you can leave on during the day or night. I left it on over night and I woke up in the morning and my skin felt great. Its a vitamin serum so it’s really good for your skin. This is a 30ml tube and is currently on their website for £34.19… I would buy this if I had that kind of money to spend on face serum… for now this one will do 🙂

Beauty Kitchen – Natruline lip treatment. I used this once then my daughter stole it. She has bad chapped lips, always does when they weather gets really hot and then changes quickly… doesn’t help she licks them all the time. She has been using this for a few days now. When I say her lips where bad they where bleeding when she spoke bad.. bless her. She came home from school today and I looked at her lips and they look great. Still a little sore but not bleeding. Matilda started using this on Tuesday so it has worked well so far and this has to be the best one we have tired. So 5 stars from a 5year old. This retails at £2.99 and is so worth it. I will be buying this again for Matilda.

Nailberry – Love me tender. Beautiful colour. I don’t really wear nail varnish that much but I liked the colour of this and it looks so much better on. The best thing was that it didn’t feel heavy on my nails, I’m really really funny about nail varnish to the point where it can freak me out haha weird I know.. It has a unique film which allows air and water vaper to pass through and makes sure you cuticles are protected. This retails are £14.50 I will be buying more I think its great 🙂

Annabelle Minerals – nice colour but doesn’t suit me… I have pale skin so look like a clown and plus I’m not very good at blusher think I might have to watch a youtube and try again haha. Rose colour, its good for all skin types and helps heal, soothe and protect your complexion. 100% organic with 4 mineral ingredients that help maintain healthy skin. This retails at £12.50 I think its a good price for a blush. It is a nice texture but I will update you all when I know how to apply blush well haha

Barry M Cosmetics – I’ve never use anything like this before.. but I like this… wasn’t sure how to use at first so behind on this make up stuff lol so I had to go onto glossybox blog and find out what I had to do. It worked and I like it. The blending I could do with some practising but I’m getting better. I recommend this if your stuck for a contour kit go Barry M. This retails at £7.99


I really like this months glossybox. Well done Glossy 🙂  Glossyboxes start from just £8.50 per month (plus p&p) if you sign up to the 12month pay monthly plan Sign Up Here

That’s all for now 🙂 Thanks for reading…

Much Love Lizxx

*Please Note There Is Affiliate Links In This Post*

9 thoughts on “Glossybox May 2019

  1. Wander Through (@ThroughWander) says:

    The only monthly make-up subscription I’ve ever tried was Ipsy and I had to cancel it because I was getting too much stuff and not using it. I’m not a huge make-up person, but the stuff you received in your Glossybox seems to be more useful and of higher quality!


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