May 2019 Birchbox



**I’m Loving this months design. Yellow and pink with butterfly’s. My favourite colour is yellow 🙂 In a Birchbox you get 5 items a month. This months items are:

  • Lord & Berry line/shade eye pencil
  • What’s in it for me?..
  • Beautaniq Beauty Nourishing Mascara
  • Mimitika Face sunscreen SPF 50
  • Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

I got 2 extra items this month for referring a friend last month. Which are

  • Lottie London #Lashgoals Mascara
  • LOC liquid shimmer shadow


Lord & Berry Line/Eye Pencil – Black: I love lord & berry, use there highlighter quite a lot. You got to chose again this month what you would like. If your a full on monthly subscriber then you know what I mean. The option was eyeliner or lip liner. I chose eyeliner as needed a new one and I’m not a massive lip liner girl.

I used this today as got my box before I went out. I love it so much better and darker then my other one just a avon one. Not very good if you ask me. So This is a keeper and I will be buying again…

Lottie London #LASHGOALS Mascara: It has an S shape brush the applies volume to all lashes. I read a few reviews on this before I go this as I was looking to buy anyway. I think its a good mascara, didn’t clump like my other one and looked nice.


Philip Kingsley Elasticizer: This is pre shampoo treatment which works with all hair types I tired this out today. Says on the bottle to apply to wet hair and apply in parts to your hair, put a plastic cap on and leave for 10-20mins…. Great I thought I can leave it in while I do some hinching. Wet my hair, didn’t have time to part my hair in so many ways and apply busy mum life cant be dealing with that….. don’t have a plastic shower cap, thought I use a plastic bag, nope didn’t have one of them either dam bag for life. Just put the hair up… one whole hour later then boy says to me, “are you going to wash your hair?…looks well dirty!!” oh yeah thanks for reminding me and insulting me at the same time #mumlife, over all not bad don’t think I would buy it myself.


Mimitika face sunscreen SPF 50: I have this on today, not that I go out on a sunday or that theres any sun just wanted to see what its like. Smells nice which is always good for face cream don’t really want something that’s smell rank on your face. Doesn’t feel heavy on my face. Hate creams that are heavy and thick. This is an added bonus to as it is sun screen I don’t really wear much make up in the summer cos I just cant be bother to apply it in manky heat. Where I wear glasses my whole face goes like a massive red strawberry then I just have these pale white line from my glasses so this is great. I would more than likely buy a full size when this one runs out.

What’s in it for me?….Shower scrub apparently it gives your body a new lease of life, I hope so turning 30 last week has really done me in haha only joking, but would be amazing if it did that to body. I haven’t used it yet but gave it a smell lol its smells quite nice, says its orange and jasmine flower. Gently scrubs away dull and dead skin…. will let you know what it’s like once I’ve used it.

Beautaniq Beauty Mascara: I haven’t used this one yet as I used the Lottie one. I’ve read that it thickens, lengthen and volumize lashes which is good I don’t have very long lashes but they are not small if you get what I mean and I don’t like to wear false ones, what happens if you don’t stick them on right and they just slip off when you mid conversation. Again will let you know what its like once I have used it.

LOC eyeshadow shimmer : I already have this eyeshadow, got it in a beauty box a few months ago. Its a nice colour and dries really quickly. Gives you a nice bold look and shine and can be layered for a bolder look. It lightweight on your eye lids and has long lasting wear.

So that’s this months box, I like this box. Think its better than last months if I’m honest.

Thanks for reading and if you would like to get this box for only £5 click here

Much Love Lizxx


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