How’s Your Week?..


Love My Balloons

Hello 🙂 How’s everyone’s week been? Mines been a bit of a weird one. I become a 30 year old, been really poorly and have quite a few collaboration’s coming up.

Tuesday was my birthday. Was such a wicked good day, DaddyOverload surprised me with some amazing balloons, he’s never really done anything like this before. I’d gone to pick the kids up from school, he was gone when we got home and said he would meet us at the restaurant. I got there and these where on the table, I just laughed. I do that a lot when I’m either nervous or embarrassed. So much fun, I got some amazing gifts. DaddyOverload did well so did my mummy, she got me the most beautiful top I’ve seen in a while, the a beautiful 30 cup.


Had quite a few emails about getting items to review, still waiting for my tryit ones from last month plus I got into a few more from them to, so getting 7 items from them. Few of them is from collaborations, I like doing these and helping follow bloggers or companies out. Got a good few weeks of reviewing a writing coming up 🙂

Finally watched infinity war, been catching up on all marvel superhero collection. It’s sad and really got to me…. if you haven’t seen it you should watch. It’s groot that started me off I love that tree (got some groot stuff for my birthday) so I’m ready to watch endgame and cant wait, but still have black pantha and antman and the wasp.

Rare picture of DaddyOverload

Then yesterday (Thursday) I woke up really poorly, from 6.30am till about 10.30am I was being sick every 15mintues, thankfully I didn’t have to take the kids to school cos they felt just as poorly as me (No sickness thank god) they seem to be feeling better at bedtime and Matilda said she misses school (weird one) think its more her friends. Feeling a lot better today though must have just been one of them 24hrs bug ones.

Got into another mumsnet product test this one is for flora butter, be good to try this out. if you haven’t join this site then you should they do some fab tests. I like to test product out and review them, even the kid love to help so its great when I get stuff for the kids to do. We got a game from Jaques London, Olly & Tild haven’t stop playing with it since I got it Saturday. Its a box on the lid one side is chalk board and another is a white board and comes with picture magnets and chalk. Matilda made Olly play schools and shops haha. Love them to bits.

too true I’m a foodie

That’s all for now thanks for coming by. Don’t forget to comment and let me know if you have had a good week or not.

Much Love Lizxx

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