A Kiss Goodbye…

Saying Goodbye


Today is my last day of being in my 20’s, I’m sad to see them go!! I’ve had good years and bad years…. I had 2 children, lost my dad, my grandad and my father in-law and moved away from my home town and started in a completely new town where we knew no one. Realised who is always here for me and who isn’t.

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I set up my Facebook page which now has over 13000 followers and started with just one which was DaddyOverload only because I made him like the page lol. That will be 5 this year. I set it up in July 2014 not long after I had Matilda. I brought MummyOverload to life and love writing and enjoy doing my blog.

I have met some amazing people over the years and some truly awful people. As a family we have beat addiction, made each other happy and sad but best of all loved each other. I cant really say that I’m happy about turning 30 because no one is really, I will have to get use to saying “Im 30” I forget my age all the time, I once had to ask DaddyOverload my age as I just forgot. Matilda doesn’t let me forget that I’m turning 30, I get “mummy your going to be so old now” cheers babe that makes me feel wonderful….

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We went on our first holiday as a family, we went to Brighton last summer and it was great. We are planning a great time away this summer. DaddyOverload has started his driving lessons.

I battled my mental health more then I’ve ever had to, It’s a long story and for another blog post but I got through it. Mostly on my own as I didn’t seek help when I should have done and over the years I’ve learnt that its okay not to be okay. I found out I have Scoliosis which is a curved spine if anyone didn’t know. Apparently I was born with it and went unnoticed till I had my children. Only got told 2 years ago. Just have to learn to live with it.

My 20’s have been such a rollercoaster, but if I didn’t go through all that then I wouldn’t be who I am today. I can’t change the past and I cant live in regret because it all happened for a reason. I’m very sad I lost a few people and I will forever miss them each and everyday and I really do hope my dad is very proud of how far I have come over the past few years.

I really hope that my 30’s are good, I’m hoping when I do a birthday post this time next year before my 31st (cant believe I’ve just wrote that haha) my blog has taken off and I’m more happy then I am now, I’m very happy don’t worry haha.

So here is to my 30’s hope they are more eventful then my 20’s…. Happy Birthday Liz you old fart hahahaha

Much Love Lizxx

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