Hello May…



Hello 🙂 just popping by to see how everyone’s week is going. We said goodbye to April and Hello to May. May is a busy month for me, my birthday is at the start of may and Matilda’s is the end of may. In between that I have 2 of my nieces birthdays, also mine and DaddyOverload’s anniversary 12 years this year. I was just 18…. This is my last weekend in my 20’s turning 30 on Tuesday, quite looking forward to it, I have been dreading turning 30 but the closer it gets the more excited I am, I never get excited about my birthday but I’ve asked DaddyOverload for a certain gift and I’m praying that he has got it, only thing I’ve really asked for. If you follow my insta or twitter then you will definitely know if I have got it lol.

I have many reviews coming up over the next few weeks, quite exciting it should fill most of my may up in writing.. I get my monthly glossy box and Birchbox….oh talking of Birchbox they have a mega good deal going on at the moment 2 boxes for £10 so you will get may’s box and a surprise box. Use this link http://link.mummyoverload.blog/2for10 and add code YAY at checkout. You just need to add 1 box to your cart and the code does the rest, be quick though offer ends 9th may.


Collaborated with 2 companies to review there items which I cant wait to get but will keep quite till I get them 🙂 Also have 7 items coming for product testing with Tryit (closed for new members but I will post on social media when it opens, you will need to be quick though as sometimes they close quite quickly.

What’s everyone up to this bank holiday weekend? Doesn’t seem like the weather will be nice, has been raining on/off all day where I live. This time last year it was beaming hot, I remember as my birthday last year fell on bank holiday and we went to my friends house so the kids could play in the pool at hers, I became quite ill I didn’t wear a hat and ended u with sun stroke, then took a pain killer that was way to strong. At the meal I decided to drink wine, well that didn’t go very well I ended up being sick in the pub loo haha felt so much better after that though. This year I doubt I will get sun stroke.

Have my mum coming down tomorrow as she still lives in my home town, I moved away about 2 and a bit years ago now, but that’s story is for another day. I’m looking forward to seeing my mum, I don’t really get to see her that much, with her life back home and with us not driving yet it all a bit difficult but when DaddyOverload passed his driving that will all change, we are hoping he passes in time for the summer holidays and September as we are going to FRIENDSfest , DaddyOverload got me tickets for my birthday.

Think I’ve rambled on for long enough now don’t for get to check out that Birchbox offer. Will also add other offer at the bottom on this blog. Don’t forget to check that out too,

Much Love Lizxx

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